Members of the Advocates for Children and Vulnerable Persons Network (ACVPN) have petitioned the Assistant Inspector-General of Police (AIG), in charge of the Federal Criminal Investigations Intelligence Department (FCIID), Alagbon Ikoyi, Lagos State, expressing shock that his instructions concerning a case of defilement had been flouted.

The AIG, who had earlier been briefed of the case, had ordered that the suspected perpetrator, one Mr. Agbaje, be prosecuted for misinforming the police. The AIG had further stated that the case file concerning the matter, which was removed from the Gender-Anti-Human Trafficking Unit, SCIID Panti, be returned to the Unit and Agbaje prosecuted for the sexual offence he committed against the 14 years old survivor.

The Legal Head of ACVPN, Barrister Abiodun Kolawole, in the petition dated December 23, 2021, addressing the AIG said: “Your instructions were not implemented by the Homicide Unit of the FCIID Alagbon. Just recently, the survivor attempted to commit suicide because of the trauma and humiliation she suffered in the hands of Mrs. Lafenwa and her team members’ inactions against the family. We call on your good office to critically scrutinize petitions and demand to have an audience with both suspect and complainant because most times the petitions presented before you were written under false pretense by some unscrupulous lawyers with the cooperation of these officers as mentioned above.”

Kolawole accused the suspect and policemen attached to Homicide Department, FCIID, of false information, abuse of office, conspiracy, dehumanization of both survivor and her parents, and unlawful detention of the survivor and her parents.

Kolawole, who said that the conduct of the police personnel was unprofessional and inappropriate, added thus: “According to the 14 years old survivor, she was accosted by the perpetrator on a bush path in the evening when she was sent by her mother on an errand. She was physically assaulted before she was violated by Agbaje. The matter was formally reported at Akodo Police Station of which Agbaje was arrested, but was released after he was alleged to have paid a sum of N250, 000 according to the survivor’s father.”

The survivor’s father, Mr. Abass, further told ACVPN that his daughter was rushed to the Akodo General Hospital, where she was admitted because she bled too much as a result of the forceful penetration by Agbaje who disappeared from the community for three weeks.

“The survivor’s mother was not happy at the way Akodo police station handled the case, so she further reported at the State Criminal Intelligence and Investigation Department (SCIID), Panti, through the Gender-Anti-Human Trafficking Unit. Surprisingly, before the SCIID could call for the case file, the following officers in persons of Benedict Omosorobi, and one Supol Segun, led by one Amechi, connived with Agbaje to falsely put up a petition against the survivor and her parent on a case of threat to life and defamation of character,” said Kolawole.

Abass recalled that the policemen from the Homicide Unit, FCIID Alagbon, came to his home, posing as lawyers, and then pounced on him and his family members as if they were criminals. When Abass and his family demanded to know why they were being arrested, the policemen refused to give reasons.

Abass further narrated that when they arrived at the FCIID Alagbon, they were surprised to hear that their detention order had already been signed by the head of the Unit, Mrs. Lafenwa.

The lawyer said: “The survivor’s father told us they were locked up for two days, when they eventually met with Mrs. Lafenwa; she branded them as hungry thieves who wanted to extort money from the perpetrator.  Also, we gathered that the survivor was subjected to another medical examination. This is a secondary abuse on the survivor’s psychology and fundamental human rights. Again, we gathered that the survivor had already been attended to medically at the Lagos State approved Sexual Assault Response Center, popularly known as Mirabel Center, at LASUTH Ikeja which is completely free. We also gathered that when they got back to FCIID Alagbon, Abass’s finger print, bank account number, and his picture were taken, making him the suspect. He was threatened to let go of the case because homicide is a federal Unit that had the power to do and undo things of which nobody could question its authority. This is absolute abuse of office by Mrs. Lafenwa and her team, and a calculated attempt to pervert justice.”

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