The Policeman and his madam

The Force Headquarters yesterday said it has invited the policeman, who in a viral video, was seen carrying a plate of food for a well dressed woman and following her sheepishly at a colourful event.

The Acting Force spokesman, Muyiwa Adejobi, said: “We have seen the policeman and we will investigate the scene and act accordingly. Such an act is condemned. However, the policeman will be in Abuja to give us more facts about the incident as we are determined to curb such acts.”

The video, which hit the social media on Tuesday, had attracted a lot of criticism, with many Nigerians insisting that most police personnel had become servants to politicians, their wives and other Very Important People (VIP) in Nigeria. The event, which was caught in the viral video, was said to be a Turban Ceremony held at Ilorin, Kwara State last weekend.

The woman in this particular video is said to be a top official working with the National Senior Secondary Education Commission in the state. The policeman is believed to be her orderly. The video has caused many outraged Nigerians to take to their social media handles, calling for scrapping of the police VIP department, stressing police personnel carrying food, handbags and briefcases for VIP was not part of their professional job descriptions.

An enraged Nigerian, simply identified as Bassey said: “Look at what our police is being used for. Meanwhile, the police are not enough for the common man. The entire country is almost up in flames partly because of inadequate policing, yet the few privileged are using the few available police officers as house keepers and personal servants.”

Since yesterday morning, many journalists had been tackling Adejobi, describing the incident as shameful and asking the action the police hierarchy planned to take concerning the issue.

Reacting, Adejobi asked for further information concerning the video and promised that the police would look into the matter. In order to identify the policeman, Adejobi said he had to work with the Kwara State Police Command Public Relations Officer (PPRO) and then check the police database.

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