A 46-year-old father, simply identified as Rafiu, has confessed to the police that he started having sex with his six years old because his wife sex-starved him.

Rafiu, without showing remorse or blinking an eye, admitted to having been sexually violating his daughter. He was arrested after his shocked wife reported the matter to the police. Members of Advocates for Children and Vulnerable Person Network have vowed to make sure that the child gets justice.

Our reporter gathered that Rafiu on February 24, 2022, was arrested. During interrogation, he was asked if he has been sexually violating his daughter, he responded in the affirmative. He declared that he had to start having sexual intercourse with his six years old daughter because his wife starved him of sex. He further stated that he only used to violate his daughter after becoming inebriated.

According to the child, her father used to, “lie down on me and put his hand and thing in my bobo,” she stated, pointing at her vagina. She also pointed at her lower abdomen.

The distraught mother of the child explained that most times before she returns from work, her husband would have undressed their daughter. Whenever she asked, he would tell her that the child was feeling the heat. The woman lamented that since he was the father of the child, she had never given the matter a second thought.

The woman said that she wouldn’t have known that her daughter had been going through hell, if not that the girl repeatedly stopped her from washing her vagina part while bathing her.

The woman reportedly said: “ I tried to forcibly wash her vagina, but she cried seriously. I carried her inside and started asking her questions. She pointed to her vagina, crying that it was hurting her. She said it was her daddy. I confronted him and he didn’t deny it, instead, he promised to stop violating our daughter. Two later, our daughter began to cry because of the pain in her lower abdomen. I took her to a nurse, who administered pain relieving medicine, but it didn’t work. Her condition didn’t improve. I had to report the matter at the Idimu Police Station, from there we were referred to Idera centre for medical and then to the Panfin team for support and to ensure justice.

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