Mr Nwanguma


By  Okechukwu Nwanguma

Some Police Officers act in ways that easily bring the otherwise respectable institution to utter disrepute and public scorn and resentment. For pay, they act brazenly against conscience and in violation of established legal and policing procedures, in a way that outrages the human conscience.


Some cases have come to my attention in recent times.


  1. In Isuaniocha community in Awka North LGA, Anambra State, a man of immense wealth (whose source of wealth is allegedly questionable) who is currently standing trial for the murder and attempted murder of some of his kinsmen has been using a certain policeman attached to the Admin Section of the Force CID Abuja to cause mayhem in his community in a desperate bid to return to the community and seize control of it after he was deposed by the Anambra State Government as the President General of the community due to alleged embezzlement and instigation of violent conflict in his community.


This same man, while in custody at the Anambra State CID Awka awaiting arraignment for trial in court for murder on the conclusion of a long-drawn police investigation, and following advice by the DPP that he has a case to answer, bribed his way out of custody.  When information about his secret release from custody on the illegal orders by a senior police officer at the Force Headquarters acting in cahoots with the then O/C Legal Anambra State CID, without the knowledge of the then CP Anambra, was leaked to RULAAC, the organization immediately raised alarm prompting the then DIG FCID Abuja to order his immediate rearrest, and he was arraigned in court the next day.


This influential but hardly literate man still managed to get himself bail, a rarity in cases of murder, and is now on rampage again, employing the services of unscrupulous police officers who are motivated only by lucre.


  1. The case of the Nigerian American based couple who are embroiled in a surrogacy dispute with the poor woman who alleges that the couple failed to fulfill their own part in the agreed terms of the contract and they have now hired the services of the Abia State Police Command to forcefully seize the twin boys from her. The Police, in flagrant violation of the Police Act 2020 and the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, is dabbling into a purely civil matter and unlawfully detaining t the family members of an accused person in lieu.


How much could a Commissioner of Police be paid to put his/her image and career on the line or so unashamedly bring the institution he/she serves into further disrepute?


  1. The case of the Lagos-based businesswoman who petitioned the Lagos State Police Commissioner alleging being defrauded by a fraud syndicate and still being threatened by members of the syndicate. Going by the woman’s story, it is apparent that the investigating team at the SIB Lagos State Police Command whom the CP directed the complaint to investigate has been compromised by the accused persons, and they are now twisting the case and, as the complainant reports, the IPOs have told her that the complainant can become the accused.


The Inspector-General of Police must take urgent and immediate steps to rescue the Nigeria Police and save Nigerians from unscrupulous Police officers who can pervert justice or kill with no qualms of conscience, only for selfish financial benefits


Mr. Okechukwu Nwanguma is the Executive Director Executive Director Rule of Law and Accountability Centre (RULAAC)

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