An illustration of Eve offering an apple to Adam

An illustration of Eve offering an apple to Adam

Manny would throw her legs to angle 90 and start swimming…he would even go down on her. He would enter her dog style, taking all the time in the world. He liked the way she used to scream whenever she was coming…he liked the way she used to clutch his head, dragging it further into her honey well as she rotated her hips and thrashed around in bed, on the rug….Those uncontrollable displays made him feel macho and virile.

We no longer knew which of the story was true or fabricated. The fact however remained that they were banging each other blind. It seemed everybody knew of the affair except Manny’s family members and the woman’s mugu of a husband.

Once it was getting towards evening, the woman would take her paraga wares to the junction where she displays them. It was there that her husband will meet her after office hours, before heading home. Most times, he would wait for her, so that they could go home together.

Ironically, Manny most times used to be at this junction, sitting on the bench placed close to the wares, pretending to be one of the customers.

Perhaps the main attraction for Manny was the money the woman used to dole out to him. Just like she couldn’t resist the weapon of mass destruction between Manny‘s thighs, so also she couldn’t refuse him anything he asked or wanted from her. Na wa O!

I’ve tried to look at things from the angle of the woman and Manny…and the only thing that came to my mind was that Manny sabi hammer. Period!

True, I have never taken a peep into his trousers, but I can bet my best G-string pant that he would be largely endowed below there if you know what I mean…apparently not just endowed, but also knew how to use his natural endowment…a guy after my heart…hummmm.

Some men are just too busy working round the clock, making money, to realise that their wives are endangered species where young, good-looking studs are concerned.

Why, even if the young wife tried to be holy, holy, you’ll find these young, husky guys prowling around her like she was the best thing since sliced bread.

I wish all babes are like me…once a guy tells me he loves me, I always look for the catch. I mean, there has to be a catch somewhere if a guy tells an old, married, aging lady like me that he likes, loves me…I have to double-check if he is unemployed.

Anyway, no fear of that…any guy that is stupid enough to come after me, believing I have money, will probably die of hunger. Don’t judge me by my cover, everything you see na cosmetics, shakara. I broke pass church cockroaches sef!

Hey, chill down…I know I’m digressing, but I’ll get to the story soon…there’s no need to bite my head off…ha! God, people are so impatient these days, why?

Anyway, as I was saying…we heard that the woman’s husband actually had a good job, yet the woman refused to stop selling paraga. What could be the reason for this? Your guess is as good as mine!

It was only a matter of time before busybody people told the husband that Manny was banging his wife. What could the man do? Confront and fight Manny? Beat his wife to a pulp? Or break all her wares and force her to stay at home? He didn’t do any of this.

Rather he placed Magun on his wife and it killed Manny!

End of a scintillating love affair!

They said that Manny’s family members went to different places to verify what killed him and all came back with the same result: Magun.

They took time to check out the woman…shhhhhhhhhhhh (Yes, I hissed), I heard she was not even pretty. At least she was not worth dying for. She was even bleaching her skin!

You won’t believe this…the woman and her husband are still married! Did I remember to tell you guys that Manny was the only male child in a family of five children? Yeah, I know bro…saddening…I can feel you….

There are many who do not believe in the power and existence of Magun, their mistake. It exists and its efficacy rate is very high. Husbands are using it every day on the wives they suspect to be unfaithful.

So, when next you start panting after and salivating over that married woman, remember there might be Magun on her.

No! No! It’s not only wives it works on. I have heard stories where ordinary boyfriends, who were just dating a babe, had placed Magun on her. Most times the wife or girlfriend might be innocent. When it comes to jealousy, no man or woman is reasonable.

Jealousy is a dangerous emotion. Don’t be caught in its web. It can rule and compel you to kill!

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