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Some parents know their son has no intention to marry the girl, yet they continue to call her ‘Iyawo waa.’

Oriburuku people!

Whenever she turns her back, they sneered, “marry who? My son can’t marry an Ijebu girl….my son can’t marry an Ondo girl…my son can’t marry omo nna…my son can’t marry awo ajekuta mamuomi…my son can’t marry any girl from Osun…she’s just fooling herself. Let her move forward and look for her own husband.”

She’s not good enough to marry your son, but she’s good enough to be balled by your son for years. She’s good enough to do your laundry, pick up the bills of your younger kids, cook and run errands for you.

Think about it. What if she’s your daughter?

And you guys that fool ladies by feeding them lies of being an ‘Iyawo waa,’ how would you feel if another guy does the same to your sister?

Do think about it. What goes round comes round. Don’t forget the law of Karma.

Between six months and a year is enough to know if you want to spend the rest of your life with a lady. If the relationship is not going to work, dating, or banging her for 10 or 11 years wouldn’t make it work.

The biological clock is ticking for her, while you as a guy, even at the age of 50, can marry an 18-year-old virgin in Africa.

Instead of wasting her time with that ‘Iyawo waa’ 419, allow her to walk. Be a man and tell her you don’t think she’s the missing rib you’ve been searching for.

Yes, she’ll be heartbroken, but a broken heart heals. You may take that to the banks.

In fact, I have discovered that after the broken heart mends, you begin to ask yourself, what the heck you saw in him away!

The people, who assist the most in orchestrating this fraud against ladies, are the guy’s friends.

They would call her ‘Iyawo waa’ to death, yet they know the real heartthrob of the guy.

While the guy is browsing, surfing, and downloading into the net of the girl, his real website is kept at the wing.

The most galling part is that whenever he wants to introduce the babe, he introduces her as his ‘Iyawo.’ The babe would grin and simper like someone that has lost her wits.

My dear sister, don’t be carried away when his friends call you ‘Iyawo waa.’ To many of them, it’s just a game. It doesn’t mean the guy is going to marry you. It means he’s just balling you for now.

I know a guy, now in America, who introduced at least five mature ladies to his friends and family members as his ‘Iyawo.’

The wicked friends kept calling all the ladies, ‘Iyawo waa.’

The friends knew of course that he was playing games with these ladies. He was balling every one of them. To buttress his deceit, he told every one of them to get pregnant for him. They felt wanted, loved, and special.

While he was playing this game, it never crossed his mind that he could be sharing and distributing HIV. How selfish can some guys be?

Naturally, he left all of them heartbroken. It may take longer, but the bitter truth will eventually emerge. I don’t like the haunted and despairing look in the eyes of a brokenhearted lady.

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