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Following the synchronized attacks in Nigeria in the last few days, social media has naturally erupted, with many Nigerians expressing concern over the escalating insecurity in the country.

In the last few days, different parts of the country had come under the onslaught of terrorist groups.

The latest attacks were on Kuje Correctional Centre in Abuja on Tuesday night and another on President Muhammadu Buhari’s advance team in Katsina State.

Both attacks occurred just days after terrorists killed over 30 military and police personnel were killed at Shiroro, Niger State.

Nigerians have taken to the social media space to express their fears, concern, and disgust with the mounting insecurity in the land.

A tweeter user, LONDON@london_Akan, opinioned: “The attack on the presidential convoy was a distraction for the Kuje Prison break. Nothing can distract our security agencies more than an attack on the president.”

BlackGold@ilovetowo, noted: “If our dear president convoy can be attacked and break in kuje prison, wtf (sic) are you then? We are fvcked (sic) as a united nation. Did I hear you say May God help us? Come on get yourself a PVC and do the needful.”

Popular Nigerian Journalist, Ahmed Kadaria, also has something to say about the situation. Kadaria Ahmed@KadariaAhmed, stated: “#kuje #Daura Terrorists have tested Nigeria and found her wanting; a state that cannot defend itself or its people. Perhaps we can now stop pretending about the efficacy of the fight against terror, own the failures and accept we are at war! These truths may enable the right response.”

Nwani Chidiebere@ChidiebereNwani, concerned, said: “Kuje Prison was established in 1989 and there has not been such attack. It’s a place where high-profile individuals are confined so it’s highly guarded. Permit me to say is a pre-planned attack.”

Chioma Patrick@ChiomaDPatrick thinks that the Federal Government, as usual, was handling the issue with kid gloves. His words: “Now bandits take over Kuje Prison, release hardened criminals into Abuja, the Service Chiefs are not summoned, no broadcast from the presidency. We made a great mistake in 2015, and never again. Never Again.”

Chuka…@OgaChuka mentioned: “Attack on the president’s convoy by bandit, attack at Kuje Prison, several prisoners are now on the loose. Nigerians are not safe anymore, even the president is not safe. In fact, Nigeria is not safe, and if care is not taken it would get worse.”

Crown Prince of Abuja@UkoAkpanEtuk said: “The rate of crime in Abuja is about to skyrocket with the unleashing of hardened criminals from the Kuje Correctional Facility last night. Extra vigilance is required now by all residents of Abuja.  Another episode of a failed government.”

David O Aderinokun@daderinokun put the blame for the insecurity on the doorstep of the ruling party. He said: “APC has finished this country. It’s a shame the news coming from Kuje Prison, FCT. We are in deep trouble and all of us need to stand tall and open our mouths. NOBODY is safe anymore, it’s scary. Nigerians’ standup!”

Obumneme Osuchukwu@MarkOsuchukwu has a lot to say on the matter. He said: “Remember the FCTA asked Parks and gardens in Abuja to start closing by 7:PM. They also banned alcohol sales in gardens. All these Nigerians are still sleeping. They can’t seem to wake up and smell the coffee. Nigeria is a failed state. If at this point you still harbour resentment towards people asking for Self-determination you need to have your head examined. Before your very eyes terrorists are taking over your country, yet you all are preoccupied with elections that you’re not sure will even hold.”

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