The legs

I heard Baba Prince went to the village to marry her. He brought her to Lagos and showed her off like he had won a trophy.

I guessed his happiness was that at his age, he was still able to snag himself a young wife.

Ha! She was young. Just 18! Baba Prince was three-four times her age.

Older men go for younger wives because they want somebody they can control.

Some men go for younger wives because they want somebody they can outsmart at every turn.

All these have come to naught!

Why most of these young women are extremely smarter than their older husbands.

Yeah, take that to the banks!

They soon had two kids, then Baba Prince started hearing all sorts of stories of sexual escapades his young wife had been indulging in.

Every Tom and James in the street had at one time or another dribbled their balls into her wet net!

The besotted foolish husband refused to believe stories, putting them in the trashcan. Perhaps living in denial?

Then she went once more for another guy in the street, Mike, and ended up falling like lead for him…yes, after sampling his vein-studded joystick.

They were balling like two rabbits and kept getting away with it because Baba Prince and Mike were very close.

The young Mike even used to dobale (prostrate) for Baba Prince whenever he wanted to greet him.

Yes oooo. Salutation nobi love. We cast away every spirit of dey do me, dey pity. We castaway every spirit of mike.

Mike was staying with his cousins. They were all male in a room apartment. He was still job hunting and feeding was not moi-moi.

Mike was not only browsing the forbidden internet of Iya Prince, but she was also his ATM.

It was through the give me food, give food, that the browsing started.

The way I heard the story, it was Iya Prince that toasted Mike.

Initially, Mike remained adamant until Iya Prince decided to play Pharaoh’s wife on him.

She called him one day, and as soon as he entered the apartment, which she shared with her husband and two kids, she dropped her wrapper…she was as naked as a jailbird!

Everything hairy looked nice and the jutting apples were just begging to be suckled.

Mike fell on the spoil, feeding like a starved man. That was how the affair started. Soon, rather than Mike coming to ask for food, as usual, she started taking it to him.

She would also give him money from what was given to her by Baba Prince.

There was a day poor Baba Prince was at home, and the ‘NEPA’ people struck. He took a bench outside to nap because of the heat.

Iya Prince called Mike, who had just walked past the sleeping man and made a beeline for the bathroom where Iya Prince was supposed to be taking her bath. She opened the bathroom door and allowed him to enter. There, he caned her like there was no tomorrow.

The most horrific of this was that everyone in the face-me-I-face-you compound, and the street knew about the affair, except Baba Prince.

Soon Mike’s cousins stopped laughing. They were no longer finding it funny. They ordered Mike to stop making a fool of Baba Prince, but he refused.

He knew he was having the best of both worlds. Free banging at the drop of a hat, and then food and money. What else could an applicant ask for?

What is your idea of manna from heaven?

The cousins stopped speaking to him and a cold war started. The eldest cousin now decided to take the bull by the horn. He went straight to Baba Prince. But before he could say anything….

To be continued.

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