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A police team on duty along the Sagamu Interchange, Ogun State, has been attacked and their rifles carted away by men posing as policemen attached to X-Squad. heard that the incident happened on 15th July 2022 at about 9:48 PM. gathered that while the policemen were on duty at Sagamu Interchange on patrol duty, a group of men, numbering about eight, came out from a Toyota Camry car, claiming to be policemen from X-Squad.

The fake police personnel attacked the police team, inflicting injuries on Inspector Sola Adeniyi with a knife.

The gang dispossessed Adeniyi of his rifle, type 06 breech number 07025047 with 21 rounds of ammunition. The gang also carted away an AK47 rifle with breech number 25056, with 16 rounds of ammunition, booked by AP/NO 252535 Inspector Uriah Peter.

A police source told, “AP/NO  ASP Edekin Samson attached to Federal Highway Patrol reported that on 15th July 2022 at about 9:48 PM, while he was on duty at Interchange Sagamu with his patrol team, a group of men numbering eight came out from Toyota Camry car,  claimed they were police XSquad personnel, attacked them at the point, inflicting several injuries on Inspector Sola Adeniyi with a knife.  They collected his rifle type 06 breech number 07025047 with 21 rounds of ammunition and carted away AK 47 rifle breech number 25056 with 16 rounds of ammunition, booked by AP/No 252535 Inspector Uriah Peter.  According to the ASP, his team members are currently on intensive patrol for possible arrest of the hoodlums and recovery of the firearms. The police inspector with injury is receiving treatment at an undisclosed hospital.”

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1 thought on “Men posing as X-Squad operatives attack police, snatch rifles

  1. Nigeria police are the cause of this attack, the reason been that they have been overlooking some criminal activities that graduated to this attack, it’s a duty of an authorized police men to question most of those police we do see hanging around d interchange, end of longbridge, Kara cow market and toll gate at Lagos end of Lagos -Ibadan exp way, but they neglected those danger signs and that’s why it’s easy to gather themselves and disguise knowing fully well that NO ONE will question them

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