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…As I was saying, this guy argued that if his wife was divorcing him, she sure as hell no longer had any right to the car, he bought her when they were married.


And this is a guy who had spent more than 20 years married to this woman. Please tell me… is a car too much to leave as a parting gift for a lady that had given a guy her honey well for more than 20 years?


Another of my male colleague looked at my argument from the legal aspect.


He said: “Well…if they were living together and the relationship ends, and the man forbade the lady from taking any of the items he had bought for her, while they were dating, it’s okay…but not right! It’s however not okay if she lives somewhere else and the man now barges into her place, demanding she returns those items. He could be arrested for that.”


The guy who argued in favour of such men…insisted that a guy could jolly well takes all his gifts from her even down to her cell phone!

I asked him: “What about all the banging…every night, afternoon, morning…anytime that he gets horny…he jumps on her…how on earth he is going to return/refund the sex.”


He gave me a serious stare and said: “It’s simple really…since most guys are on top during sex; it’s assumed the woman is giving sex to the guy. Now that they have parted and the guy is collecting items, he had bought her, she too can collect all the sex she had given him, simply by calling the guy and allowing him to be under, while she rides him!”


Silly guy! I’m talking serious here.

I don’t think it’s nice to collect gifts or items from your lover after the love affair ends. It’s so childish!


It makes me sick to see some babes or men tearing pictures of a guy/babe they once dated.

Nonsense! Will such action erase the memories? If you truly cared about that person, just a song on the radio will make you take a walk down memory lane.

It didn’t work out…it doesn’t mean you have to hate the person. So why spoil the parting with bitter words and action?


Look at it this way; what about if you guys had married and divorced within two years or a year? It had been known to happen, so don’t give me that disbelieving look as if I had gone off my marbles. I’m cool…I’m all right…


You and this guy/babe can later in life become close buddies. So, whatever you do, always remember the future. If you collect the lousy car or phone that you bought her and see her later in the future, will you be able to look her in the eyes?


What about if she had become stinking rich or a Human Resource Manager at a company where you hoped to get a job…or even a contract…will you be able to approach her?  The human conscience is an open wound. Whatever you do, tomorrow…the future is what counts.

Mother fortune has a whimsical way of smiling on the most unbelievable of persons.

She has neither foes nor friends.

She’s like a gambler…picking whoever she fancies at a particular minute. Thus that babe whom you forcibly collected a handset from… because the music has stopped playing for both of you…could become the Chief Executive Officer of a multinational company… or someone working and rubbing shoulders with those in the corridors of power.

Someone who you know, you need just to clinch that job or contract.

So, think about it when next you are sending a babe out of your life…and retrieving items you had earlier bought her.

If you caused her heart to bleed or she caused your heart to bleed…no need to let the situation, get messy.

The word is to always remain friends.

There’s nobody who had never once or twice experienced a broken heart.

But that’s life. When disappointments come in a relationship, accept them with a stoic smile and tell him/her, “take care, I’ll see you some other time.”


 I missed my period

Please, Juliana Francis, I have an urgent problem at hand. My guy banged me on the 6th, while my period is supposed to come on the 7th or 8th, but he did not ejaculate.


My dearest, from the tone of your message, it seems you’re worried that you might be pregnant. I don’t think so, that is if you’re sure that your menstrual flow is really supposed to come on the 7th or 8th.

Sometimes anxiety and fear that you had had sex during the danger period can delay the flow. But the best bet is still to go for a pregnancy test. I want you to know right now that sometimes you can be pregnant and be menstruating.

Always make sure you go for a pregnancy test if you had sex without a condom. Most importantly, you should and must start using condoms with your boyfriend, no matter how much you love him. HIV/AIDS is real and who can you trust? 

If you want to make love and not babies, also cultivate the habit of using condoms. There are male and female condoms use the one that best suits you and your guy.



Julie, where have you been?

Hello ma, sweet love, where have you been? Have been searching for you on every page of Sunday Sun.

Not until I stumbled on weekend Compass. Your writing is impeccable and very educative. I always fall in love with you…wonders how blessed the man that snatches you away from admirers like me. I appreciate you a whole lot. Ferrari, from Uyo.


Like your articles

Love your articles. They are needed in intimate relationships.


Nice sexual innuendoes


I’m reading your piece as we speak. I just like your use of words when it comes to sexual innuendos, they are always comical. Keep it up. Daniel


Need a girlfriend


Hi, I always love your column in the Compass newspaper. I read about the girl, that wanted a lesbian mate, I think I have a solution, tell her to go to Facebook. She should type in the lesbians’ room. I think she would find what she’s looking for.

Back to my own, please look I’m prostrating for you, can you help me find a babe. She should be light skin, ‘toh gham’ as D’banj used to say. Please I need a girlfriend. I am a nice guy, trust me. 20 years, I’m based in Ibadan city, people call me lakeside. This is not my address. 


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