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Following the attack on the Guards Brigade, where some soldiers were killed and others wounded, a man, in a voice note, claiming to be one of the wounded soldiers, narrated what transpired on that fateful day of the attack.

However, we hast to add that this voice note is yet to be confirmed to be one of the soldiers.

It will be recalled that the attacks on the guards Brigade occurred less than 24 hours after terrorists in a video, which later went viral, threatened that they would kidnap President Muhammadu Buhari and Kaduna Governor Nasir el’Rufai.

The attack on soldiers has left Nigerians reeling in shock, especially came less than a month after the Kuje Prison attack.

According to security sources, security forces responding to intelligence reports, quickly mapped out strategies to ameliorate the attack. Intelligence reports gathered indicated that the terrorists were hell-bent on attacking Law School in Bwari.

The voice note has further given credence to the intelligence reports gathered.

The speaker said: “The issue is one school of law that is at Bwari Road. They wrote to the school that they were coming to attack the school, and when they received that letter, they informed our battalion and instantly we went there. We started an all-around defense deployment. We were now contemplating that these people that said they were coming to the school of law, might have a plan B, to attack another place.

“We now looked for a place that they might come for as well, so we now looked for a prominent place that they might come for well, and there was a university very close to the place they said they would attack. We created an on-ground defense and we have been there for over two weeks now before this attack came up on Sunday.

“So at night, we normally observe flashing torch in the bush, we asked the security men in that school if this was how they usually observe light in the bush, and they said no. When it was dawn, we advanced into the bush. It was on Sunday; we got there, and we saw where they were smoking and had killed a goat to eat. That’s what gave us a hint that these people were in that bush.

“We then reinforced and called for backup and then we advanced into the bush. When we got to a place, there was water and rock. Our truck could not pass through the place, so we left it there, that was why we had casualties to be sincere. We only went into the bush with rifles alone. We couldn’t even carry the RPG. The moment we went in, they’ve seen us from a far distance. But we haven’t seen them, they now laid ambush and flagged us from all sides and engaged us. We lost four soldiers from my own unit.

“It was three units that went there, 177, 102, and my seven-guard battalion. They were fully prepared, but we still fought back and killed 12 of them. They succeeded in killing one captain, one lieutenant, and two soldiers from my unit and the rest lost one soldier each. For now, we have been dislodging them since that day. I don’t think any of them are in that bush again. As I speak to you, I am in the national hospital.”

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