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Juliana Francis

A police inspector, Evans Okorafor, seen in a trending video using a machete to flog a civilian for an offence yet unknown, has been defaulted and will face an orderly room trial, sources told

According to reports, the incident happened at Ekori Community of Cross River State.

As Okorafor used the machete to flog the unresisting man on different parts of his body, women were heard screaming, fearing that the policeman could mistakenly use the machete to inflict injury on the victim.

While flogging the man, Okorafor repeatedly shouted: “You were challenging me! You were challenging me! Enter motor! Enter motor!”

When a concerned woman tried to stop, by stepping in between the repeatedly descending machete, Okorafor angrily pushed her out of the way and continued machete-flogging the victim.

He also shouted at people who tried to caution him. He shouted: “Do you know what happened? Do you know what he did yesterday?”

The source told, that Okorafor, with A/P No. 268714 and F/No.524503 Police Constable, Liyomo Oko, both serving with Cross River State Police Command, also captured in the video were defaulted for “improper dressing and incivility to members of the public unprofessional conduct.”

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