Tafa balogun

Tafa Balogun

The 11th Inspector General of Police (IGP), Mustafa Adebayo Balogun, died today 4th August at Reddington Hospital Lekki, says NewsmakersNg.

According to the online news media, a family member confirmed the demise of Balogun.

He was born on the 25th of August. He died 22 days, to his birthday.

He was appointed IGP in March 2005, succeeding Musiliu Smith, who is now the chairman of the Police Service Commission.

He left the Force in 2005 before his due date of retirement because of a corruption allegation.

The then Nuhu Ribadu-led Economic and Financial Commission (EFCC), brought several charges against Balogun, ranging from theft to money laundering.

Despite the corruption allegations brought against him and the ignominy way he was ousted from the office, many police personnel maintained that he was one of the best IGPs they had ever had because he took care of welfare and promotions.

He paid particular attention to the promotions of junior officers, never wasted time in rewarding good performances and gallantry.

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