The 81 Division of the Nigeria Army, Lagos State, said it has instituted a Board of Inquiry to unravel the circumstance surrounding the beaten to death of a policeman by some soldiers.

According to a statement signed by Acting Deputy Director 81 Division Public Relations, Major Olaniyi Osoba, the incident occurred between some soldiers and policemen around Ojo in Lagos resulting in the loss of the life of a police officer.

Osoba said: “The Division is already in touch with the Lagos State Police Command to resolve the matter. This incident is highly regrettable given the Division’s disposition and zero tolerance for any misconduct. Accordingly, the Division has instituted a Board of Inquiry to unravel the circumstance surrounding the unfortunate incident. At the end of the investigation, anyone found culpable will be made to face the full wrath of the disciplinary provisions. Consequently, the Division wishes to commiserate with the Ojo Police Division and members of the family of the victim.”

This is not the first time that soldiers have killed police personnel and always, a Board of Inquiry would be instituted, but nothing ever comes out of it. Most often, the matter is swept under the rug, with the military reducing such murders to being committed by “unknown soldiers.”

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