The hands of a church pastor praying over an open bible in his desk.

The hands of a church pastor praying over an open bible in his desk.

…As the pastor was flexing and rotating his hips and buttocks in preparation for the imperial act, the woman took his boxer, trouser, singlet, and shirt.

She walked out of the bedroom.

Guess what she did with them….

Ha! Ha! Ha!

She soaked them in a bucket of water…went and made calls, while the stupid idiot of a pastor kept doing press-up, getting ready for the expected forthcoming bedmatics!

And within a twinkle of an eye, the church elders, plus the woman’s husband arrived…she took them to the bedroom and opened the door, there they beheld the pastor in all his naked muscular…rod standing glory!

I don’t know who was more shocked, the pastor or members of his church.

The pastor’s eyes went as round as a saucer, bulging and almost jumping out of their sockets!

Naturally, his manhood, which had already put out all its sinews, wilted in shock! If manhood could look embarrassed, the pastor’s surely looked embarrassed, with its one-eye looking at the floor.

Did you say serve him right? I totally, absolutely agree with you!

The soul is willing, but the flesh is weak.

We’re certainly used to this adage but if I may ask, why are you a minister of God if your flesh controls your inner mind?

These days, we have different kinds of ministers of God, men, and women. They all mount the pulpit to preach but these are people that even their choristers cannot visit without them trying to bang them.

Ministers of God these days use the most expensive cars, suits, body spray, and perfumes…their wives are addressed as ‘mummies’ by their members.

I think some members are sick upstairs. If not, why can’t they tell the difference between their pastor’s wife and their biological mother?

These so-called mummies use everything imported, down to their toothpaste and toothbrushes.

I’ve come across a minister of God, an ordained woman of God, who could not spend a night without a male blanket to keep her hungry, wet crevices warm!

And oh, yes, tomorrow she would mount the pulpit to preach!

Is this Baba God not too merciful?

My sister told me a story of the latest thing with the men of God these days.

She said she overheard some ladies in her school discussing their friend who was a victim of one of such horny ministers.

The victim was 34, unmarried, and frantically searching for her Mr. Right.

Where is Mr. Right? In the church or mosque? will he appear at the proclamations of the prophecy from a prophet?

God! Desperate spinsters do stupid things and visit stupid places all just to get married.

She visited a church, to know the reason she was still single even though she was very pretty.

She was told by the minister that she had a spiritual husband. The spiritual husband was jealous…does not want to share her, thus her ‘marriagelessness.’

Come on folks, do we really need a prophet to tell us all these craps?

The pastor asked her to come for deliverance. She would have to be naked to have this deliverance!

It was going to be a spiritual bath. Nawa O!

Please tell me, I may have forgotten, where in the bible do we have such a bath outlined?

The man of God asked the sister to come alone because, on the day, she was going to see the spiritual husband one-on-one, so that she could ask him to leave her alone.

If she accepts to go for the spiritual bath, she will get her own husband within three weeks!

The sister never discussed with anybody the prophecy given to her, rather she made provisions for what the man of God asked her to bring and headed straight for the deliverance venue.

Oh, yes, the deliverance took place!

The lady is now pregnant for the man of God! Somebody shout alleluia!


Our God is good…all the time!

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