So, we know that the deliverance entailed the minister’s holy rod, placed inside the holy ground…nope…holy hole of the woman’s holies of holy.

How can a eunuch…even a monk… stand upright in the overwhelming surrounding of a naked, young lady?

Spiritual bath indeed!

Who are these ministers of God kidding?

By the time he starts sponging her boobs and drags the sponge between her thighs, even his manhood will start weeping in sexual frustration.

What sort of a silly lady can subject herself to such a bath?

How long will she remain standing while his hands repeatedly sponge her clitoris?

Another incident is about a friend called Rebecca.

She met this man of God through her girlfriend, Anurika. She went to visit her friend when she met them praying.

After the prayer, the man asked Anurika who Rebecca was to her…She introduced Rebecca as her friend and right there and then, a prophecy was given to Rebecca.

Let me quickly add that Rebecca is also mature and single. She’s also desperate.

Part of the prophecy was for Rebecca to go for one of the naked deliverance baths.

The nude prayer will be done only between him and Rebecca in a room said the pastor.

Ha! Something smells fishy here O!

She decided to contact some men of God, to seek their advice on this strange prayer.

Finally, she told Anurika what the pastor was asking her to do. Anurika told her not to embark on such ridiculous prayer. Rebecca immediately called the man of God that she couldn’t embark on the deliverance…that God would bless her in due time.

The pastor became furious…yeye man…he called Anurika to complain about Rebecca’s rejection of the deliverance bath.

Why was he angry?

No bi Rebecca dey find husband?

If she refused prayers, no bi her headache?

Stupid pastor!

Thank God that Rebecca was smart enough to know that she could be the next victim of what she used to read in the newspapers.

Bodi no bi firewood, we know.

These ministers are equally human like us but what I don’t understand is their latest form of deliverance.

Anurika was about to become a victim too but decided to blank out the Pastor who later called to tell her that she was not serious.

This pastor came to her house to offer her a prayer session.

According to Anurika, he called her one midnight, telling her that whenever her elder sister was not around, she should let him know so that he could come over and carry out a naked deliverance bath for her, so that husband materials would start disturbing her.

Anurika asked him a question: “So if my sister is around and we do the prayers, won’t God deliver and help me?”

He claimed that such deliverance was always carried out between two people. The lady, who would be naked, and the minister, who also would be naked! Go figure!

To cut a long story short, Anurika discharged him by promising to get in touch with him whenever she was ready for such deliverance.

Yemisi Dada once told us about her cousin who was also a victim.

Her sister, Tosin, went to the man of God because her fiancée was misbehaving. The man asked her to come for what he called “ IGBELE” for three days.

Three days became eight years in bondage!

This lady was later delivered from the pastor’s bondage by a mysterious woman she met at the Iyana-Ipaja market.

It was this woman that told her what to do so that she could escape from the evil man of God.

What is wrong with all the men of God these days? Most of them are married still they cannot flee away from juicy thighs…I mean, things of the world!

I once read in a magazine that a man was arrested for impregnating the daughter of one of his Deacons.

He was crying, blaming Mr. Devil to be the one that led him to commit such an act. I asked a question…why is it that people blame all their evil deeds on the Devil?

He was busy enjoying the poor girl.

Useless man! Such men of God are never called by God, they are the money-making and prestige-seeking types.

These days there’s a prestige that goes with being addressed as a man of God or General Overseer of a particular church.

Back to yours sincerely

My bros…don’t be fooled into thinking that this nonsense only happens in churches…even mosques!

Do you recall the story I told you guys some time ago…awww men…don’t tell me you’ve forgotten so soon…?

Anyway, I told you guys about an Alfa at AJ-Ajegunle, who got married to one of the most beautiful babes people in the area had ever seen.

Please don’t get me wrong…it’s not as if an Alfa cannot get married to a pretty babe, but…ha!

But guess what, the Alfa is physically challenged!

She went to seek solutions to her problems and suddenly became Alfa’s wife.

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