The coordinator of the Movement for Improved Welfare for Nigeria Police Force (miwNPF), Mr. Toyin Raheem, has urged Nigerians and the police to keep celebrating personnel like Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP), Francis Erhabor.

Erhabor is the Commander of Quick Intervention Unit QIU of Akwa Ibom State.

miwNPF and Coalition Against Corruption and Bad Governance CACOBAG took a special interest in the activities of this patriotic officer who rejected a bribe of N864m.

Raheem said: “The exemplary ways of life of ACP Erhabor confirm the officer’s dedication to duties and his lack of interest in illicit wealth. Besides the promotion of this officer by the Police, CACOBAG and miwNPF are further recommending this officer for a Gani Fawehinmi award of HEDA for this year 2022. ACP Erhabor without mincing words is an officer that should be emulated by the rank-and-file officers of the Nigeria Police Force. All anti-corruption groups/Civil Society Organisations are to be encouraged to display the picture of ACP Erhabor in all their offices nationwide. miwNPF in conjunction with CACOBAG shall further make other recommendations to Nigeria Police Trust Fund NPTF, Police Service Commission PSC and IGP office to honour this officer to encourage other officers and indeed rank and file. CP Durosinmi of Akwa Ibom State is also congratulated to have such a disciplined, patriotic, decent, and God-fearing officer in his command.”

Raheem further stated: “The bad eggs in the Police Force, those of you doing ‘wetin you carry,’ DPOs whose men had the courage to stand at the front of their stations to do ‘wetin you carry,’ harassing Nigerians, those of you asking for money for bail, those charging minor issues ought to be resolved at the stations to court because they refused to bribe you, those of you conniving with criminals, those of you abusing your office, those of you getting the police involved in the civil matter because of pecuniary gains and those turning your station or section to debt recovery office and those infringing on the legal, Constitutional or human rights of the people and all the bad eggs in the Police as a whole tarnishing the image of our “New” Nigeria Police Force. Shame on you. ACP Francis Erhabor has proven to you all that patriotism and dedication to duties pay.”

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