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A Superintendent of Police (SP), Adetuyi Benson, has finally responded to allegations made against him by a lawyer called Ozununye G. Nsirim. yesterday reported how some police personnel allegedly deliberately humiliated Nsirim because they wanted him to dance to their tune.

According to Nsirim, he was stripped and paraded barefoot like a common criminal. He said that he became the policemen’s target because he went to the police station to represent his client, who was part owner of the property SP Benson bought from her husband.

Below is Benson’s side of the story.

There was a property I paid for early this year 2022, from Pastor Ademola Bello at Rumuekini community and I took possession of it without any interference.

But on the 26th of June, while I was at my station in Yenagoa, someone called and told me that someone has broken into the property I quickly called Choba Division to go and check for me, and when they got to the place, they met a lady right inside the premises and took her to the station to be interviewed by the DPO and I was invited.

I left Yenagoa and got to the DPO’s office, about two hours later and I met the lady, Nkechi Maureen and three other persons including Barr. Nsirim Nzununye that came with her.

Without wasting time, the interview started and as I was narrating how I bought the property, even in the presence of my lawyer (Barr. Adelodun Abraham) who was already waiting for me with all the property documents because he did the investigation on the property and prepared the Deed of Conveyance before I made payment.

In the middle of my explanation, Barr. Nsirim stood up and shouted at me to sit down that I was too small to come from Yoruba land and intimidate his aunt. He asked if it was because I was a policeman. That I was too small, he started shouting, threatening to take me up, he will write to the IGP, he will destroy my career and a lot of threats as the other two men joined him and when he didn’t allow a peaceful interview I left.

I instructed my lawyer to write a petition to the Zone and Abuja against these men for threatening me, which he did.

I was subsequently invited at FCID ALUU to come and make a statement which I went and made my statement, and I was asked by the IPO, one Inspector Friday to come back for an interview on the 22nd of August 2022 which I obliged.

During the interview before the commander, as I was narrating what happened on the 26th of June, as regards the issue of the transaction and the threat by Barr. Nsirim and his brothers, suddenly Barr. Ozunuye Nsirim got up again and started abusing me and said he would beat me blue-black, just the same thing he did at the Choba division on the 26th of June 2022.

Before we knew it, he has turned the whole atmosphere into a scene of pandemonium and when the commander tried several times to calm him down, he refused, rather he faced the commander and started shouting at him.

It was the misconduct of Barr. Nsirim and inability to control his temper warranted the commander to order his arrest.

As soon as he heard that, he removed his shirt and started shouting that he wants to enter the cell and that they should detain him. At this stage, I left the office and went outside.

I strongly believed that therefore he was charged to court. I am just a complainant in the case. I don’t work in that department, rather I work in Bayelsa, and I don’t know what he is saying, because I left immediately to Yenagoa since he didn’t allow the interview to hold successfully.

I respect lawyers so much and I always assist or partner with them whenever the need arises, because I am one in the making. I don’t have issues with Barr. Nsirim, if not the threat and vow to write to the IGP wants to know how I got money to buy the property and all the rest of them.

I just believed that he is doing all these to scare me away from taking either the property or my money otherwise he should have called me for a dialogue. That is all.


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