I believe from the depth of my heart that some people-men and women-are born mean.

Their devilish characters have nothing to do with being a chip off the old block.

They are simply mean, period!

How do you explain a guy who knew that what he was doing is bad, yet continued frolicking in his evil ways?

Perhaps even glorifying it? He calls himself a Smart Aleck, uncaring of the deep cut his action will have on a victim.

Such guys are without conscience and someone without a conscience is only fit for the trash cans.

Why the heck do you have to tell a lady you had to die if she didn’t marry you, knowing full well that you’re already married?

Do you know the psychological impact it will have on her when she eventually discovers the truth about you?

Yeah, the real you?

Issues bordering on love, emotions, and relationships are not things to toy with. A lot of babes have committed suicide because they had been living with a guy, who they thought they knew, but whom they don’t really know.

A guy has a wife and children stashed away somewhere, yet is wasting the time of another babe?

If that is not sheer callousness, I don’t know what is!

Before you embark on such a scheme as a guy, ask yourself; how will you feel if the victim was your sister or daughter?

I say daughter because even mature, elderly men who ought to know better or tongue-lash their sons or nephews if they find them involved in such a charade, indulge in such wickedness.

Yes, sister, you’re damn right! I’m angry!

This nonsense seems to have become widespread and I have to warn my fellow sisters out there, who are still single and searching, to please shine your eyes!

Yes oh, because even animals dey wear suit…

They look like gentlemen, but they are animals in heart and mind. All they are after is to burrow and furrow into the warmth between your thighs.

They know you won’t agree for them to taste the honey, except you know they have serious intentions. Don’t allow them to exploit your need and desperation for a life partner.

It’s one thing to browse the website of a babe for long, downloading rotten tomatoes into her and then later take a hike.

It’s quite another thing to have engaged in so many collabo with her; the rhythm shaking the four-poster bed in the bedroom to its very foundation and promising her marriage, only for all the promises to turn out to dust!

I can’t comprehend it! How can you give your love to your wife and share your dreams about a secured future with this unfortunate lady?

What had she done to deserve such wicked treatment?

I guess I better tell you the story; I don’t want to keep you guys guessing what I’m fretting about.

She was working in a bank when she met this guy. He was supposed to be one of the suppliers or something in the bank.

Their eyes caught and held one day that he came to the bank for his usual business and before you could cough, the lady heard silent love songs in the air.

She heard songs like: ‘Today, I celebrate my love for you,’ ‘Endless Love.’

A torrid love affair started and soon they were live-in-lovers. They started discussing wedding plans. A few of her family members in Lagos State got to meet and know the guy and the guy’s friends and blood sister also got to meet the awaiting bride.

For crying out loud, his friends were even calling her, ‘Iyawo wa!’ Can you just beat that? Were they all in this conspiracy?

I guess they were!

Many guys would also protect their friends, no matter how wrong their actions are. Why? Because many of them apparently play the same games!

She got pregnant, the guy popped Champaign like he genuinely cared about her and was happy with the news.

Hey, did you just hear that?

That guy over there…the guy spotting a red shirt…yes, that guy right there!…he said maybe the scammer sincerely cared for her but found himself in a situation beyond him.

Are you for real?

Pardon me sir, but I don’t agree!

What was a married man doing with a single lady in the first place? A lady who was past 30? A lady whom he knew was only ready to settle down and not searching for a candy bar to suckle.

There’s a point you get to, you just know you’re tired of kissing frogs and suckling different shapes and shades of candy bars.

By 30, most babes have seen all sorts of candy bars; whether short, long, thin, fat, oblong, square, concave or curved; circumcised or uncircumcised.

Those that are covered with sugar and those smeared with pepper. I even heard some are shaped like bananas.

I will never! Hum!

I hate to say this, but this bastard knew what he was doing. He played and stroked her like a well-stringed guitar.

There was however something strange about the guy that she noticed during their courtship.

He always travels during weekends!

No matter the situation, nothing would make him spend the weekend in Lagos. He always had something to do outside Lagos.  The weekend trips were to his legal wife and child, but she didn’t know.

The greedy son of a bitch was eating in Lagos during the weekdays and eating outside Lagos during the weekend.

How greedy can a guy get?

And sadly, both women never knew. What worries me about this sort of set-up is actually HIV/AIDS.

This game is deadly. I wish men will take the time to reflect deeply on it.

Look at it this way: how is he sure this present lady-mistress- is not networking with another guy?

How is he sure his legal wife is not balling another guy during the week?

I mean, after all, she has all the time in the world? What if the mistress’s secret lover, our lover boy does not know about, is canning another babe somewhere? Any of these people could be HIV carriers and that’s how it spreads.

Scaring, isn’t it?

The cat was soon let out of the bag by none other than the guy’s sister. Why she opened up?  In one word?


The mistress-Iyawo wa had been especially nice to her, buying her stuff and all that.

One day, just out of the blue, she told the mistress that her brother was just toying with her, that he has a wife and child, which he visits every weekend.

The world is carved in for the mistress. Many puzzles began to fall into place. The mysterious phone calls, the travels. Needless to say, she confronted the guy and the Lilly livered idiot did a Ben Johnson on her.

Yeah, bolted, leaving her with an unborn baby!  Did you just say, ha! Men?

My sentiment exactly! Men!

If you think that is bad, you haven’t heard anything yet. This other babe met and fell in love with a politician. Personally, I can’t stand politicians. I don’t know what she saw in him.

They are born liars, with honeycombs for tongues.

But who can explain love? It works in mysterious and stupid ways.  They became live-in lovers and before we could sneeze, a big plan was on the way for a society wedding.

She was not only from a rich family, but she also had a plum job. She even bought a jeep for the fool!  They had a rich wedding, and the baby was on the way when the hidden wife and children walked out of the closet!

Funny thing was that the guy was still legally married to his first wife. He also walked down the aisle with her, with all the white wedding trimmings.

I just dey shake my head. The length they can go ehhh!

How come people no longer fear the law? Is it not against the law to marry two women legally? Going through court registry and later church with both?  How low can some people get? Anyway, he too did a Ben Johnson when the lid was blown open.

What sort of games are these? Why do some men think hurting people, and playing with their hearts and emotions is a game to laugh over with friends in a bar?

There was also another guy who has a wife but promised three other women marriage. As if the promise-lie was not enough, he got the three babes pregnant!

He later told his friends that he was just playing with them.

He laughed himself silly. Believe me, one of his friends told me. He abandoned each of them and went back to his family.

I feel every guy has a moral obligation to tell a babe the truth before going into a relationship with her. Give her the chance to accept or decline your offer. Don’t lead her down a blind alley, it’s not fair.

This is capable of destroying a lot of women who do not have strong shock absorbers!

Some babes could even go mad. She will have to begin her life all over again, and nurse a baby alone in between. How will she learn to trust and love again? The spill out of some of these actions is that another guy will pay for the crime of the player that ran away.

How? She might meet another guy, who truly loves her, but she would show him what my friends call ‘pepper.’ She may never love him and will derive sadistic pleasures in hurting him. She will be at war with all men….even down to the man she may later marry out of convenience.


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