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On the 10th of September 2022, some kidnappers escaped from police custody, and while attempting to escape, killed some policemen in Delta State.

According to the Police Situation Reported sighted by julianafrancisnews.com (JFNews), it was gathered that Assistant Commissioner of Police Agbor, revealed that on the 10th of September, 2022, at about 5:50 PM, four members of Jesse Divisional Anti-Crime Patrol Team Anunugbe were escorting seven suspected kidnappers arrested on 9th September at Mosogar, some of whom were identified to have taken part in a recent kidnap incident at Jesse Ethiope West Local Government Area, from Mosogar to the state Headquarters Asaba in Toyota Sienna Space Bus with registration number Benue MKD256DH, owned and driven by AP No 199301 Inspector Andrew Eguvbehwe attached to Jesse Division while travelling between Ekuku Agbor Ute Erumu communities, Ika North-east local government.

The SIT Rep further states: “The suspects who were neither handcuffed nor leg chained, revolted and because riotous. They engaged the policemen in a struggle and attempted to overpower the police escorts in a bid to escape. During the struggle, one of the two AK47 rifles in possession of the policemen released a gunshot and consequently a bullet hit and instantly killed Inspector Ejivwe, bringing the vehicle to halt abruptly. While another member of the team, F/454907 Sergeant Endurance Ogorode sustained a bullet injury on his left leg. In the confusion, the suspects alighted and made efforts to escape, making the police escorts open fire on them, killing three suspects and rearrested one suspect, while three others escaped. The remains of the deceased police Inspector and dead suspects have been deposited at central hospital mortuary Agbor for autopsy.”

julianafrancisnews.com (JFNews) gathered that investigation has commenced establishing the circumstances surrounding the unfortunate incident.

However, before completion of the investigation, some policemen via voice notes, released what they termed the true picture of what went down on that fateful 10th of September 2022.

The voice notes state: “The policemen that accompanied the suspects were five, including the driver. They were only armed with one rifle and the driver was first killed. The kidnappers were seven. While three were killed, three escaped and one was apprehended.

It is the one that was caught that is opening up the whole thing during interrogation. There was nothing like the policemen running into an ambush. It was the kidnappers they carried that struggled to collect rifles from them and that was how the whole thing started. They started struggling with the steering with the driver, they accidentally shot the driver in the neck while others that died were the officers. They carried the suspects and none of them was handcuffed.

“This had a suicide mission written all over it. It was the DPO that didn’t foresee the outcome of this event. It was only one armed person following people who they suspect of offense. The information I received now is that they arrested six kidnappers in Jesse and only one armed officer was the IPO and the driver, inspector Andrew taking them to Asaba when they laid ambush at Ekoko Agbor. They killed the inspector, and four of the kidnappers escaped leaving two behind.”

Another voice note states: “This is sergeant… from Area Command Agbor. The incident that happened is that the policemen were coming down here with six kidnappers carrying just one rifle and all the kidnappers with them were not handcuffed and the policemen were four but with only one armed. No escort whatsoever and along the way, getting to Ekoko Agbor, the kidnappers started struggling with the policemen to collect the rifle from the only armed policeman. Along the line, they started struggling with the driver, to collect the vehicle steering, and then the rifle started doing its work. It started shooting out bullets and the driver was, and about three kidnappers were killed too while others escaped, and the policemen who were two were saved. There are three command offices here, they left the other policemen now the area command is interviewing them. That is the position for now. They were supposed to handcuff the suspects  to the back and a number of the kidnappers were Fulani.”

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