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A comedian and vlogger, Chukwu Emeka, otherwise known as Broda Mike, has taken to social media to urge police personnel to stop sacrificing their lives all in the name of guarding a politician or rich individuals.

Chukwu took the stance following the killing of six mobile policemen attached to Senator Ifeanyi Ubah, representing Anambra South Senatorial District.

Men wielding guns on Sunday night attacked the convoy of Ubah, killing several people, including six mobile policemen. Ubah, however, escaped in his bulletproof car. The incident naturally plunged the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) into mourning.

The incident has also attracted a lot of comments from different Nigerians.

Chukwu was one of those seriously vexed with the killings, stressing that the present killings of policemen have left many women widows and their children fatherless. He also described the incident as a Black Sunday for the NPF.

He questioned the rationally of rich folks spending millions to buy bulletproof cars, but will then get policemen without an ordinary bulletproof vest to guard them.

Below are his words;

“Policemen attached to Senator Ifeanyi Ubah have been slaughtered by unknown gunmen. The policemen’s families have been thrown into mourning as their wife now becomes widows and their children become fatherless, whereas the senator’s children are overseas.

“The senator’s convoy was intercepted on the highway, the policemen attached to the convoy tried to guard the senator but were massacred in the process, while the senator escaped in a bulletproof car. Today Sunday has turned into a tragedy for some families. The time is here for President Buhari to ask these unknown gunmen what they want from Nigerians.

“My advice to policemen is that if you can look for charms that will aid disappearing during such attacks, please do it. To our dear policemen, don’t risk your lives all because of the N100,000 or N150,000 they promised to give you. If you use your life to catch a cruise, it will be taken from you.

“Unknown gunmen have turned themselves to anti-christ of this generation to take life when it pleases them. When the senator was attacked, he escaped in his bulletproof car. The policemen guarding this senator probably do not have an ordinary bulletproof jacket. Our father’s land is now a cemetery, where any man, who goes out, may not come back alive.

“It is time for Buhari to start asking questions. In this same country, herdsmen will be celebrated, bandits will be celebrated and bad news is celebrated every day.

“It is black Sunday for the police. How will the children and wives feel? Unknown gunmen, why did you take the lives of the common masses? These policemen are poor masses. Any person guarding the life of a rich man is among the poor masses. I’m speaking directly to the rich in Nigeria, stop using money to buy bulletproof cars. Come together and solve the insecurity problem. You people cannot go and commit a crime, then run to policemen to start guarding you and then these policemen will end up being slaughtered.  We like our policemen just as they are, stop wasting their lives. What a wicked country.”

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