battered police lady

Juliana Francis

The Police Orderly of Professor Duke Zainab Abiola, woman Inspector, Teju Moses, who was assaulted on the instructions of her principal, has opened up on what happened on that fateful day of the attack.

According to Moses, the incident happened at Area 11, 28 Jessy Jason Street, opposite House 30.

She said: “Professor asked me to go and open the gate and it was raining, that was after I came down from upstairs to assist her in taking her stuff to her car. I told her that I couldn’t go and open the gate because I was in uniform and it was raining. She said I should help her girl in opening the gate, but I still maintained my stand because it was raining and I was in uniform. She became furious, asking why I should reply to her like that. She said that in their kingdom, she is a queen and nobody responds to her the way I just did.  I kept quiet. I stopped replying to her. Then we left for the court where I escorted her to Orozo. She asked me to start collecting papers given to me and that I should sign them.  I told her that it was not proper for me to sign documents, which content I don’t know about.

She asked if my ‘policing’ was different from other Police Orderly, who had been assigned to her. She said that her previous orderlies used to sign everything for her. I told her that my SU standard is different. That was how she started to insult me at the court, saying that she used to feed me and give me money, but that I didn’t obey her orders and that she would deal with me.

She threatened to call the wife of the Inspector General of Police, to demand a change of Orderly. I kept mute.

She insulted me from the court till we got home. How she wanted to change my life, bla blab bla. She asked how much the police were paying me and that she would double it.

Today morning, she asked me to bring out all the foot mats in her car and clean them. I told her that I couldn’t because I was in uniform.

She said I was stubborn. She said that when I was brought to her, she chose me because I was gentle. She said that I was too small for her and that she used to deal with high-ranking officers.

She ordered her housemaid to slap me whenever she talked and I replied. I warned the maid not to touch me or else I would lock her up.

She told the lady how I used my cheap dirty boots to dirty her car and how I refused to wash it. We later went to the AO officer where she narrated to the AO and also our CSP office.

I don’t know what she discussed with AO but as we were about to leave, she said I should not enter her car again. AO said to me that I would only go there to pick up my bag. It was AO that gave me N1000 for transport to her place. On getting to her place because I know that she wouldn’t allow me to enter her house, I was expecting her to have dropped my bag outside.

When I entered her house, I saw her holding an iron rod. I greeted her and she warned me not to greet her. Rather she started calling me witch, that I thought I was stubborn, that today, she would ‘remove my uniform.’ How she had dealt with so many people including ministers.

I started calling the AO but his number was not connecting.  I called someone else to help me reach out to the AO so I could explain that she has refused me to enter the house.

That was how she asked one guy to record that I was beating her. I ran away from her. She asked the same boy to beat me or else she would deal with the guy. That was how the guy started beating me including the maid. I tried to defend myself by pushing that guy away from me to escape that was how she hit me with the iron that she was holding and because it was dark, I started screaming for them not to kill me. A passerby saw me, parked and came to my rescue before people gathered.

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