I was quite troubled when I discovered that even those that call themselves servants, instruments or vessels of God indulge in active sex and some people seemed to accept and turn blind eyes to such clandestine and amorous activities.

I was indignant. I raised my objections to anyone who cared to listen. A guy, who listened to me raked and raved, calmly told me that God could use anybody to facilitate his work, including prostitutes.


I don’t agree! I thought God said we should be holy, even as he is holy.

Wasn’t there somewhere in the holy book God said we should strive for perfection?

This was how the argument started.

The guy, Kasali, told me God could use or call anyone. His father owned a church in our adugbo. One of the prophetesses in their church was said to have gone to Ori Oke.

She would not come down until seven days. In those days at Ori Oke, she’ll not taste food or water.

I’d wondered what the heck was Ori Oke. I was told that it was like being in a trance, spirit realm, communing with God, taking messages and revelations from God.

When she finally came down, she started delivering her messages in a language only a few in the church could understand and translate for other members of the church.  I also heard that members used to pray that the prophetess will have a message or revelation for them.

My point here however is that this particularly prophetess had been banged by almost all the guys in our adugbo.

I heard that every guy had gone through the forest between her thighs and had encountered no resistance, not even a stump tree root or dying grasses.

Her honey well was said to be so free, that even a DAF truck sized manhood, could traverse the road without bumps.

This is where I have a problem; how the hell do you convince me that God can and had been using such a lady for his work? I can’t relate to the idea.

It makes me sick! Am I asking for too much?

Let’s not forget another prophetess. I heard she’s so spiritually gifted with a sixth sense, that several kinds of expensive cars used to park in front of her church, waiting to see her. Yet she is weak where sex is concerned…even had sex with her cousin!

Since she’s of Igbo extraction, it was a taboo, an abomination!

Elders at the village had tried to intervene, to bring such a disgraceful act to an end, but it had been like hitting a rock with a rod to bring out water.

The guy involved in the act was called by the elders, but he walked out on them.

His wife had been walking under a cloud of shock. Every Dick, Tom and Harry now know about the affair.

It had been going on for years now and yet they both refused to stop balling!

Every dime, penny, that the guy gets, go to this prophetess. While he takes the lady on a shopping spree, his wife wears a rag.  The good wife had tried to raise the issue with him and for her pains; she was made a punching bag.

Many people believed that the guy was jazzed, including his wife.

Do you believe that or could it be a case of forbidden fruit tasting better?

I have often heard people saying that the honey in a woman’s core is quite different from that of another.

Is it true? abi all holes na the same?

Now, the funny thing here is that the prophetess prays for people and it works.

I no just get am!

She used to go into a trance or whatever and would return from the spirit realm…to start giving revelations, messages and solutions. The lady’s prophesies used to come to pass and her prayers used to work.

Every day, fleets of expensive cars, those of desperate help seekers, fill the driveway to her modest church.

I can’t help asking, is God truly watching and supporting these types of vessels?

In the past, so we were told, if you’re a person or vessel of God and offend God, His Grace, Power would be taken from you or you could be punished. Is it no more so?

But this pen strongly believes that God had not changed. Offenders can’t go unpunished!

How can a lady who is committing incest, and adultery continue to be able to do God’s work?

My kid sister used to attend a church owned by a woman pastor at Egbeda. This woman used to stand at the pulpit and curse members of the church that had offended her. She used to slap her pastors.

Worse, she used to encourage young ladies to date married men in the church.

Yet when she prays, people see and feel the glory of God. She used to perform miracles and prophesies used to come to pass.

I was told to forget about what is happening in churches and just serve God.

My friend Lagbaja used to say, “Enter motor, forget wetin dem write for the body.”

But I don’t agree with such silly sentiment. God has given us a brain, a thinking box for a purpose, you have to think and ask questions. I don’t think or believe that it’s a sin to question pastors or those who call themselves mouthpiece of God.

Since I became sick, I have been trying to forge a better and closer relationship with God.

I have to ask questions. I need to understand. I need to know. We’ve past the era where somebody, anybody can lead us down a blind alley.

I’m asking everyone out there if it’s possible to be God’s servant, and worker and still be engaged in active sexual practices.

I guess by now, you’re beginning to get my drift. Is it possible to serve God and Mammon?  Can a person be a sex manic and still able to carry out God’s work effectively?

If these vessels are doing what is wrong, why does God not take away his grace, and power from them?

Do you guys still recollect the story I told you while I was still writing for The Sunday Sun Newspaper?

It was a nasty encounter. One that remained imprinted in my memory.

He was supposed to be the general overseer of his church. I came to pay a visit to my cousin when he saw me. He told them that I needed prayers to fortify me before I returned to campus or else…he got us all worried and scared.

The next day, before the crack of daylight, we were all on our way to the church for the prayer. We also left early for church because I was going back to school that same day.

We were three ladies; my eldest cousin, myself and my younger cousin.

When we got there, the pastor said that only one person should enter at a time. I was the first. It was a funny church. More like a room, than a church. A room that had a narrow door with locks from the inside.

He made mention of several events in my life that were true and also foretold some events that would come to pass in my life.

Did they come to pass? Yeah, they sure did. The only part of his revelation, I didn’t agree with, was that I belong to the water realm and that even my mates followed me to his church, but were too scared to enter. Bullshit!

I mean, if I truly belong or have the marine spirit power, I shouldn’t be suffering like this!

I will rather be counting naira than pennies.

Why I’ll even ask them to bless me with wealth? I will buy myself a car, and renovate my mom’s house which has become so a wreck that snakes now fight over ownership with her.

 Who no like better thing?

He gave me instructions that left my mouth gasping in shock. Did you ask me what?…hell, he asked me to strip!

I was gullible in those days. Did I strip? Yeah! It was apparently the sight of my fair complexion bumbum that suddenly had his one-eyed snake springing to life.

The snake continued to grow, getting stronger with each stretch until it was stretched out to it full gait. I noticed it clearly etched out on his trouser.

You wouldn’t believe what the foolish pastor tried to do next…oh well, you know the rest of the story; let me not bore you…

Do you now understand my confusion here? A man of God, yet a randy pastor.

One that had the knack of seeing into the past, present and future. Everything he tells you was purported to have come from God.

Is it possible that God can use anybody despite his or her behaviour?

My kid sister went for prayer once in a church. The pastor told her that she was single at her age because she was too stingy with her honey well!

Did I hear a gasp in shock? I felt worse. I almost fainted. Pastors are supposed to be those ranting and raving at us to abstain from fornication, yet the pastor…I will never…

He is powerful and people used to troupe like soldiers to his church for prayers, prophesies and miracles.

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