By Juliana Francis

It’s bad enough that they are balling somebody’s husband, but it’s worst that they now want to keep that man to themselves.

These are Oliver Twist babes.

Riding them in bed is like taking a walk through the valley of the shadow of death!

Juju could be between their luscious thighs!

They are desperate babes and rich men are their prey.  They are babes that the guy has asked to ‘come and chop’, but who after chopping and tasting the nectar and ambrosia, want it all.

If you’re not rich, and they come after you, it means you’re too good in bed!

A good number of women will do anything to keep a guy who is good in bed. And good riddance to the poor wives at home!

Oliver Twist babes have no conscience and the least of their worries is the guy’s legal wife.

Na moi-moi matter be that!

And because they want it all, they don’t care who they have to crush to attain their heart desires.

They don’t care who gets hurt in the process of attaining that goal. To them, the end justifies the means.

Of course, you may very well ask, what the heck is the goal they are desperate to achieve?

As if you don’t already know!

Yes, they want to be the Mrs of the guy. Most times, love has absolutely nothing to do with it.

It’s more of covetousness and greed. They want to be Mrs, even though they know the guy already has a Mrs.

These babes won’t mind flaunting the affair in the face of the legal wife, just to make the home front hot for the guy and force the legal wife into taking drastic steps like leaving her matrimonial home.

Sometimes these babes tell the legal wife, “All I want is for you to shift a little for me so that we can share him! I’m not saying I want him all to myself, yet you are angry. What if I decide to keep him to myself?”

Desperate babes, I tell you.

You wouldn’t believe that most times these married men lay down the clauses in these relationships. They tell these babes that they are married and have children.

Some men even tell these babes that they love their wives, yet like a housefly that will not listen, and will eventually end up in a grave with a corpse, these babes will still want to do everything to frustrate the guy’s home and have him for keeps!

How do most of them do this?

I mean, a guy that tells you that he loves his wife, and tells you it’s only raw sex and nothing else… means you shouldn’t be thinking of permanency.

You’re just supposed to be the spare tyre, disposable and then you accepted.

But suddenly you’ll find this same guy, who has laid down the rules behaving with his legal wife. Before you say, Jack Robison, he had picked some of his things and moved in with this side chic.

What went wrong? Has his wife, who he had initially told the babe he loved, suddenly become a barracuda overnight?

In this type of setup, you know that a screw, holding the structure of the marriage has gone unscrewed!

You just know it!

It’s not something you don’t need a soothsayer or a Babalawo to cast his Opele on the ground, to stare unsightly at the cowries and tell you that juju has been used on the guy.

Yes, when you’re married and run after side chic and hens, you may end up swimming in uncertain rivers, where the current can drown you.

These babes, in their quest for a good time, trade by barter willing honey pot, a lot of men have become enslaved.

The most galling part is that these men just didn’t have any excuse to cheat. But to them, it’s part of the game. A chase keeps the adrenalin flowing and makes them feel alive.

However, it’s a game that can become deadly if the babe is an Oliver Twist. Babes who want more than the guy is willing to give.

A quick scenario to portray an Oliver Twist babe.

He was married, has lovely kids, fantastic job, which comes with a fantastic monthly take-home cheque.

Part of the trimmings and fringe benefits of his job was meeting influential people in society.

He had a nice car and had even built a house. But like most ‘ well-to-do men’, he enjoyed playing the field.

He met a lady. Most times when he was going out of Lagos because of his job, he would take the lady. She too got to meet and rub shoulders with people she had only seen on television and read about in the national dailies. She was blown.

Her mind reeled.

She became like a goldfish among her friends. Her level had changed so to say.

As if that was not enough, the guy was a heavy spender. He was good at balling too!

How many guys genuinely know how to ball a babe, to make her beg for more?

Not many I tell you.

Tragically, even most guys who are well ‘endowed’ down there simply don’t know how to use such a beautiful instrument to satisfy a babe.

Such an instrument becomes a waste on these inept men! But this brother had it all and our sister was not a fool, she knew it!

She fell like lead for him. I can’t say whether it was love, lust or greed, but something snapped. She wanted him for life.

She didn’t mind if she had to be his second wife.

She forgot that the guy had repeatedly told her about his wife and children. She forgot about the love in his voice when he talked about his wife and kids.

She forgot his swearing that he would only take a second wife over his dead body.

He had naturally said all these to imprint it into her or any other babe that he dated, that he was only having a fling and they shouldn’t get it twisted.

But she wanted more and started scheming and plotting how to get more.

First, she started complaining anytime they wanted to have sex.

Guess what she complained about?


She didn’t complain about his prowess in bed.

She complained that she was no longer comfortable with him using condoms during sex with her.


Alarm bells went off in the guy’s head. Only a stupid man, who wishes to destroy the peace of his home, embarks on sex without a condom with a side attraction.

To be continued…

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