The guy told her that the relationship had to be redefined. He cooled his sexual ardour for her and practically started avoiding her like she got the plague.

He feared she wanted to entrap him with a pregnancy.

When he told her in no uncertain terms, that he needed a break, she did something that almost collapsed the guy’s marriage.

She called his wife…let’s leave the conclusion for another day, but at least you’re beginning to get the picture of Oliver Twist babes.

Most prey on men whose wives are outside the state or in another country. A guy whose wife is stationed in Abuja wants to take a babe to be greasing the tools between his thighs.

They feel it is cheaper and not as dangerous as traversing the roads to Abuja, whenever the mood for sex hits them.

The truth is that these babes usually start coming over to spend the night, cook and practically become a wife in everything, except bearing the guy’s name.

This scenario begins to give her ideas. Can you blame her? She begins to have a vaulting ambition. Vaulting ambitions are usually deadly.

The worst preys are men, who live in Nigeria, but their wives and children are overseas. I have seen a lot of such men.

I have tried and miserably failed to understand the rationale behind the idea of a guy leaving his wife and kids overseas, while he stays here.

Is this not the surest way of losing your partner?

True, it is cool to have enough money in order to be comfortable, but at what risk?  I have heard men saying, “I don’t mind her balling another guy over there, as long she does it discreetly and I don’t get to know about it. What one doesn’t know, doesn’t hurt him!”

Can you beat such thinking?

Naturally, most of such men, whose wives are outside the country, are often well-to-do. Imagine having enough money than you know what to do with, then not having a sweet honey pot handy to lick and bang at whim.

Often not possible for these men.

Once any of them falls into the hands of Oliver Twist babes, you’d hear that ‘Baba Dele has impregnated a lady’ or ‘Baba Jumoke is getting married again.’

Believe me, most times, it isn’t Baba Dele’s clear eyes. Yeah, take that to the bank!

Most of these Oliver Twist babes like, ‘Oluwa ti shey ogo’ kind of men( God has done it). Men who already have money.

They don’t care whether he made it himself or his absent wife, toiled and sweated to make the riches. They sensed in every corner of the well-decorated apartment.  They detest ‘Surulere’ kind of men.

I will tell you another story.

A good-looking guy, with enough money. He was even living in his personal building.  His wife was working overseas. He was working in Nigeria. He was lonely. After brainstorming for a while, he decided to get a mistress to relieve his boredom and be a companion. Sometimes, being with your male friends is just not enough.

He scouted around and found Bisi. She appeared to be homely. She was pretty, but not a traffic jam beauty.  He spelt out what he wanted from the relationship. He told her point blank that he was married. His wife was overseas.

He told her that he wouldn’t stop her from dating other men since she was not married. He told her that if and when she eventually decided to get married, he would shock her with the part he would play in financially supporting the wedding.

All he wanted was for her to come over sometimes to spend the night and cook for him, for he was not too fond of eating food not prepared at home.

She said she was excellent with the idea until they started banging each other like there was no tomorrow. She began spending nights in his home and saw that the guy was richer than she thought.

He was also nice and usually doles out money.  In a nutshell, he was a paragon of virtue.

Like such a man actually exists! Ha!

Anyway, she wanted him to keep it. She probably went about attempting to get him, but something happened.  One day, she came over to spend the night. She was in the shower, taking her bath when her phone rang.

She begged the guy to get the phone for her and bring it to the bathroom. As the guy dipped his hand into her purse, he touched a small pouch. He brought it out. It was tied with red and black thread. The red and black threat encircled a white paper.

His name was boldly written on it. It practically screamed fetish for anyone who cared to decipher the message.

A shiver ran down his spine. He was rooted in shock. You will never guess what happened next…

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