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A woman police, Inspector Olorunsogo Bamidele, serving at the Ode-Omu Divisional Headquarters, Osun State Police Command in a viral video has accused the Divisional Crime Officer of the station of allegedly assaulting her because she rebuffed his sexual advances.

In the one-minute video, the woman police displayed the bruises on different parts of her body.

She explained that the DCO, identified as Ajayi Mathew had made love advances at her, but she had refused, explaining that she was married.

She alleged that rather than accept her wishes, he had gone to start telling people that Bamidele was dating him.

In the video, Bamidele did not mention what caused the current issue leading to her being assaulted by Mathew, but she stated that the DCO grabbed a Dane Gun and threatened to shoot her.

She narrated: “What is my offence? He started beating me and naked me. Look at my chest, arms, everywhere injured. Mr Ajayi Mathew. He asked me to befriend him, and I said no because I’m a married woman. He started blackmailing even, saying he was befriending me, which was not so. My writer was there, and constable 2 and 10 civilians were there. After that he went in and came out with a Dane gun, he said that he was going to gun me down. Civilians dragged me out of the office and said that I should run, but

I said no. I said if he wanted to kill me, he should kill me. People should assist me; Ajayi wants to me at Ode-Omu Division.”

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