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Juliana Francis

Olori Janet Afolabi (Queen of Apomuland), has taken to her Facebook to express her disgust at men who had repeatedly raped a mentally challenged teenage girl identified as Labake, impregnating her.

Afolabi, who is an award-winning former journalist with Newswatch Magazine, said that the last pregnancy, by another unknown man, almost cost the teenage girl her life.

Filled with anger and despair, she said: “I want to appeal to the men who keep taking advantage of Labake’s mental condition to sexually harass, abuse and impregnate her, to desist because if she were your sister or daughter I do not think you will be happy if someone does that to her. Most likely, you will describe such action as a man’s inhumanity to a vulnerable teenage girl.”

Narrating the heartrending story of Labake, Afolabi said: “Labake is a mentally challenged teenager. Two years ago someone took advantage of her condition, impregnated and abandoned her. She was begging for food and money to survive. In October 2020, she strayed into my event. She was being pushed out of the hall by security personnel when she caught the attention of Kafayat Oyetola, Osun State, First Lady. She took Labake to Oshogbo, rehabilitated and cared for her till she delivered. This year again, an unknown man whose name according to Labake is Operator impregnated her and fled.

“On Thursday, November 3, I was told she was at the Palace gate. I thought it was her regular visit for support. I asked my staff to take some things to her. He came back with a paper and said Labake was crying profusely. The paper was the scan result which showed among other things that she had been due since October 24 and the baby’s position posed great danger to her life.

“I asked security guards to let her in. I didn’t need to be told that she was in great pain when I saw her. I called Julius Edet and Moses- both members of the Medical team I set up for my project “Initiative To Stop Teenage Pregnancy”-to come to the Palace.

“They took her to the Health Center. After payment had been made for registration and tests, the officials said there was no doctor to attend to her. She was taken to another Health center. The Matron spoke to me. She said Labake’s condition was beyond them. She advised that Labake be taken to a private hospital or General Hospital Oluyoro in Ibadan because the only way she could give birth was through an operation.

“For me, Ibadan was not an option at all because of the distance and gridlock. Labake may not have survived the stress in the condition that she was in. I decided to call Goke Odetunde, Chairman of our local government. He responded immediately. I told him about the situation. He said Labake should be taken to a private hospital in a neighbouring community. He also paid the bill. To the glory of Almighty God, the operation was successful. She delivered a baby boy. Mother and child are alive.

“I want to thank the Chairman for the rapid response and kind gesture. Julius and Moses for devoting their time and attention to be with Labake throughout her agonising hours.”

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