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A distraught mom has accused two men between ages 25 and 27 of sexually abusing her three year-old-son in Asaba, Delta State.

According to her, “My son who is just three years old has been sexually abused by my neighbour and his friend, who always come around to stay for a few days, weeks and goes back.”

The woman said that she got to know about the incident following complaints from the child. She said her son had been complaining of waist, legs, buttocks and penis pains. She also stated that whenever he was about to defecate, he would be crying in pain. The child was also taken to crying whenever she was washing his buttocks after he finishes defecating.

She further narrated: “I was about washing his bumbum when he shouted, ‘mummy don’t wash it- it’s paining me!’ When I finished bathing him, I decided to check his bumbum and behold I saw bruises on all sides. There were tears on the inside, slacked skin, and a hole in his anus. I shouted and I asked him who touched his bumbum – who played with his bumbum. My son began to tell me all that had happened. He said Uncle Joe and his friend touched his bumbum, put their hand in his bumbum and put penis in his bumbum and Uncle Joe weewee on his bumbum.”

The three years old survivor reportedly narrated: “He sucked my nipple. He sucked my pekneeis, he now rubbed Vaseline in my bumbum, he now put his hand in my bumbum, he now put his penis inside my bumbum, he now weewee in my bumbum, he now cleaned it with a rag with the red blood. He now tells me to wash off the Vaseline with soap and water.”

When the shocked mom asked him why he did not tell her about the encounters, he responded: “Uncle Joe said I should not tell my mom. He said that if I tell my mother fish will bite me, he will call the police to shoot me die, he will throw me away and my leg will break.”

The woman said that after hearing the horror her son had been subjected to, she ran and rushed him to FMC Asaba for a medical examination, where it was confirmed that the child had been sexually assaulted.

The woman said: “They could not give me what I needed to take up the case. They said it was the work of the police doctor. So, I rushed him to the police station, where I wrote my statement. I was sent to the police hospital for a proper checkup of my son and again the police doctor confirmed that my son was sexually assaulted. I noticed this thing on Friday 4th of November 2022, and I ensured he was arrested on Saturday the 5th of November 2022.

“The family of the guy started threatening me to drop the case else the matter would be on my head. They said that their son did no such thing to mine. They even asked me to pack out of the house and since that day I have not stepped foot into the compound because the threat was too much.  People said I should drop the case so the guy’s family wouldn’t come after me or kill my son. The case has been transferred to State Criminal Intelligence and Investigations Department (SCIID) and we will be going to court on Wednesday next week.”

The woman said that she needed support from all Nigerians in the quest for justice. She added that “Uncle Joe” was yet to provide his friend, who carried out the deed with him.



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