…convict’s name to be registered in Sexual Offenders Register

Juliana Francis

A paedophile, Aikoya Efe Sunday, on the 1st of December, 2022, bagged life imprisonment for sexually violating a five-year-old girl.

According to the Court, the perpetrator, Aikoya Efe Sunday, was sentenced following the survivor’s identification of the convict and her vivid narration of how he violated her.

The matter, ID/13367C/2022-, was between the State of Lagos versus Aikoya Efe Sunday in which the convict stood trial on one count Charge of defilement contrary to Section137 of the Criminal Law, 2015, of five years old Miss. M. at the time of the incident., understand that the Prosecution called four witnesses in proof of its case against the convict to wit: Victim, Nominal Complainant, Dr. Maria Afadapa and Inspector Olakunle Orebe respectively.

The Court found that the evidence of the respective Prosecution witnesses was believable and consistent.

The Court particularly noted that the survivor’s identification of the convict and how the convict sexually assaulted her made her account vivid, believable and truthful.

The Court noted that the convict is everything a neighbour should not be. The Court describes him as irresponsible, mean and vile, stressing that his conduct should not be condoned.

Most importantly, the Court stated that the Prosecution proved the ingredients of the offence against the convict.

He was finally convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment on the Count Charge against him and his name is to be registered in the Sexual Offenders Register as maintained by Lagos State.

Olusola Soneye is the Deputy Director, while Abimbola Abolade is the Principal State Counsel.

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