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The Inspector-General of Police (IGP), Alkali Usman Baba, has threatened to deal with personnel seen performing domestic chores for their civilian principals. heard that this instruction was given following a video, where a policeman was seen carrying bags for a civilian and opening his car door for him.

The order is primarily directed at the Special Protect Unit (SPU) of the Nigeria Police Force.

In a signal sighted by, police personnel were warned to stop engaging in an unprofessional act such as house help, gardeners, drivers, generator operators, luggage carriers, gate, and other demeaning chores which do not fall under the job prescriptions or duties of a policeman.

According to the IGP, commanders whose men were found in such situations will be dealt with.

The commanders were advised to ensure proper personnel briefings before deployment and to engage in constant lectures.

The signal reads: “Following unprofessional conduct exhibited by protect personnel, despite series of warnings, not to engage in unprofessional act, such as house helps, gardeners, drivers, generator operators, luggage carriers, gatemen and others.

“While on and off duty, henceforth protect commanders of any personnel exhibiting such unethical conduct will also be vicariously held liable and will be dealt with. Protect commanders are to ensure proper briefings of personnel before deployment and engage in

constant lectures.”

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