They’re now everywhere!

Especially in commercial buses…best thing is to avoid them rather than to keep slapping them…

How many of them person go slap sef?

What about if you slap one who is not only a pervert but also a woman beater…?

All hell will break loose…you may go home with a blackened eye and bleeding nose.

True, you get to call the cops, but face it, your face is already battered, bruised and swelling…

The shiner on your face will take weeks to heal after discolouration.

Imagine having to explain to everyone that a pervert, who tried to touch your boobs in a commercial bus, pounced on you after you gave him a slap for daring to have the nerve to ogle your boobs, then went a step further to make a grab for it.

You don’t believe me about such men?


What nonsense! Are you a JJC in Lagos State?

Better believe me…they’re now everywhere…some of them even wear three-piece suits…looking like butter wouldn’t melt in their mouths.

I told you guys about one of such weirdoes I encountered on a commercial motorcycle.

Yes ohhh. On a commercial motorcycle of all places.

Ha! Ha! Ha!

You go fear!

The guy almost used his turgid manhood to bore a hole into my bumbum!

One of those commercial cyclists used to carry two passengers…the guy sat behind me, while I sat at the front, with the rider at my front.

If I hadn’t stopped the fool from going on with such nonsense…maybe, he would have raped me on the motorcycle!

It’s amazing you know… such men can get any pretty babe with a snap of their fingers, yet they apparently seemed to prefer to indulge in such a nonsense pastime.

You folks know that most times, during fuel scarcity, there’s always a scarcity of commercial buses. You either rush, elbow and fight to get a bus or trek.

The choice is yours.

I was at the Cele bus stop on that day. The sun was scorching. The heat was unbelievable. Passengers were everywhere, yet no bus.

Then one bus seemed to stream out of nowhere. We rushed after it like a colony of ants after a sugar cube. Within a twinkling of an eye, the bus was filled. I was supposed to be the last passenger, but the seats were all taken. I wanted to step down, but the guy sitting close to the door was kind enough to offer to lap me.

I gratefully accepted his help. But apparently, his JT didn’t like my sitting on his lap or was too overjoyed at the feel of my bumbum.

Abeg, I got down. Which kin nonsense be that? The guy wan use his JT bore hole into my bumbum. Dirty guy!

I’d often wondered…what the heck is the fun, and exhilaration in touching a babe’s boobs on a commercial bus?

Even if the pervert has a hard-on, will he be able to chop off the boobs and take them home to suckle?

…or perhaps touching the boobs covertly is enough to give him a hard-on and make him come? I can’t reconcile this behaviour.

Jeez! Who can understand the working of the minds of these weirdoes…

I can understand such men trying such funny tricks on young girls still nursing mangoes that are ripe for plucking….

I mean, an average warm-blooded guy, will respond to a babe with mangoes that are proudly standing stubborn…mangoes that stare arrogantly into the eyeballs of a guy and dare him to pluck and suckle…I can relate to that…such mangoes are irresistible…I can understand the passion in a bedroom, but not in a commercial bus…

What I don’t understand is such weirdoes making a play for old women like myself.

One fool wanted to try it on me.

A strange guy I tell you…he was quite attractive to look at. Tall and well-built.

He sat beside me…and then, like someone under a curse or spell, I saw his hands sneaking towards my right boobs…I didn’t bother to pretend that I didn’t know what he was about to do…I’ve been a recipient of such crazy behaviours too many times.

I always watch out for them once I board commercial buses. It’s because of them that I now sound like a broken record before Baba God, “God please give me a car…give your daughter a car…”

God will answer someday soon, I can feel it.

My kids told me so! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Back to our queer guy.

His hand seems to develop a life of its own…it was coming towards my boobs…I stared straight at the crazy meandering hand, and it suddenly stopped.

Suspended in shock, I guess. I looked the clown straight in the eyes and hissed loud enough to burst the four tyres of the bus.

The fool jumped down at the next bus stop and ran like the hounds of hell were after him. That was not even the bus stop he had earlier told the conductor he wanted to stop.

The conductor was surprised at his change of heart, but I was not!

Just what the fool thought he would enjoy by touching my boobs…boobs which had bowed down in defeat decades ago, beats me…nawaO!

To be continued

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