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A 75-year-old grandpa has been found to be responsible for the pregnancy and eventual birth of a baby by a 13 years old girl.

The defilement of the girl was discovered after a visitor at a hospital, sighted the survivor, who was barely out of a diaper herself, nursing a newborn baby.

The visitor, outraged, had interviewed the girl and video-recorded it. She explained that she was impregnated by her guardian.

Many, who watched the video, erroneously assumed the guardian was a young man.

In the video, the girl said: “Yes, I’m the mother of this baby. I was impregnated by the man I’m living with at Awker in Anambra State. Since I gave birth, he has not been here to see me. My mom is currently in the village. The man started sleeping with me after I started menstruating.”

The interviewer explained that the information he gathered was that the survivor’s parents had a quarrel, leading to the couple’s separation. The child was left in the care of her mom at the village.

Nobody, however, knew at what point the girl went to start living with the man that later sexually violated her.

The interviewer further stated that the child was still in the hospital at St. Benedict because she had outstanding medical bills to pay, while the father of the baby was nowhere to be found.

The video, which was uploaded on social media went viral, causing outrage. The circulation of the video, which was against the Child Rights Law, led to the smoking out of the girl’s violator.

The violator turned out to be a 75-year-old grandpa identified as Sunday Muoghalu, who admitted to the crime.

A Facebook user, LadyGwen Oshoniyi, shared that Muoghalu resides at Agu oye Umudioka Awka.

Oshoniyi said: “In his defense, he said that he was only playing with the young girl and never intended to impregnate her. This is coming after he was arrested last night by the Nigeria Police Force with the help of the honorable commissioner for women and social welfare, Honourable Ify Obinabo. Recall that over the weekend, a video of the 13-year-old girl who was impregnated by her guardian went viral on the internet which prompted a swift response from the Women and Social Welfare, boss. The emergency response saw the rescue of the girl and the arrest of the suspect. The young mother is currently in a safe place as the suspect will be arraigned in court for prosecution.”

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