The Lagos State Taskforce has denied its officials’ involvement in issues relating to land grabbing.

The Director, Press and Public Affairs, Lagos Taskforce, Gbadeyan  Abdulraheem, said the agency has been accused of being involved in land grabbing activities and violation of fundamental human rights of certain individuals involved in a land dispute.

The Chairman of the Agency, a Chief Superintendent of Police (CSP), Shola Jejeloye, also stated the allegations were untrue and inaccurate.

Abdulraheem said: “The Lagos State Taskforce is a reputable agency saddled with numerous responsibilities some of which are upholding the law, protection of lives and property, and supporting the eradication of the activities of Land grabbers in the State.”

Jejeloye disclosed that the event that the publication referred to was one of the numerous operations where the officials of the Agency were present to forestall a breakdown of law and order between the parties involved.

“For the avoidance of doubt, I would like to State that officers of the Lagos State Taskforce are disciplined and dedicated men of honour who carry out our duties with the highest degree of professionalism and courtesy. Operations that aim to compel compliance are not people-friendly that is why we usually get misinterpreted and accused wrongly.”

The Chairman appealed to media correspondents to carry out a thorough investigation and hear from both parties in order to put out balanced reports to the public instead of half-truths being circulated.

He assured Lagosians that the Agency would carry on with its activities of sanitizing the environment and completely bringing to a halt the illegal activities of Land grabbers in the State as mandated by Law.

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