As we are all getting set for the Christmas and New Year trips, it is good we become more security conscious.

We should know and remember that road safety is our collective responsibility.

Some of the measures to adopt are stated below;


  1. Overloading can result in fatal crashes.


  1. It is not what you drive but how you drive! Drive defensively.


  1. Drive as if your family were in the other car


  1. Don’t speed or you won’t be late for an accident


  1. Safety cannot be preserved in alcohol, don’t drink and drive.


  1. The life you save may be your own. Drive with care.


  1. A seatbelt saves life only if you wear it.


  1. Your first accident may be your last. Drive safely.


  1. A brief accident may last forever. Drive defensively.


  1. Drive slower, live longer.


  1. Use it or lose it, your seatbelt, or your life.


  1. Bad driving, not bad luck causes accidents. Drive safely.


  1. Decrease your speed, and increase your thinking.


  1. Bad road behaviour causes road traffic crashes, not bad roads.


  1. While driving, avoid these five deadly O’S
  • Overloading
  • Obstruction
  • Over speeding
  • Overconfidence
  • Overtaking dangerously


  1. Road crashes: our positive attitude can change the situation


  1. Road traffic crash killed 4,260 and injured 20752 Nigerians in 2012


  1. Drive 100kmph to save lives and arrive alive.


  1. The road you ply on is less than 12 meters wide, you can easily veer off the road for one second, drive with care


  1. Keep your eyes moving to check out your path of travel.


  1. Always look a few meters ahead of your vehicle, it provides a picture of what’s happening.


  1. Scan your mirrors at intervals 4-6 seconds to find out what’s happening behind and alongside your vehicle.


  1. Ensure you glance at the dashboard every 20 seconds to observe speed control and warning gauges


  1. Follow vehicles ahead in a space of two cars to allow for reaction time if needed.


  1. Don’t be tired and drive, but be tired and rest.
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