Defensive driving is a form of training for motor vehicle drivers that goes beyond mastery of the rules of the road and the basic mechanics of driving.

The aim is to reduce the risk of collision by anticipating dangerous situations, despite adverse conditions or the mistakes of others.

Avoid accidents by correcting problems that may become dangerous.

Consider these top 10 defensive driving tips.

1: Eliminate Distractions

Scientists have studied the reasons behind the large number of car accidents that occur every year, and the most common cause is that the driver has been distracted.

For this reason, eliminating distractions is number one among the top 10 defensive driving tips.

Limit the number of distractions that you have in the car, such as eating or talking.

2: Focus on the Horizon

Rather than keeping your eyes fixed on the car right in front of you, keep your eyes on the horizon as you watch the traffic ahead of you.

You will be able to see any activity that may cause an accident, and it will give you plenty of time to adjust accordingly.

3: Stay in one Lane as much as possible

Many car accidents happen when a person suddenly changes lanes and gets rear ended.

Choose a lane and stay there as long as possible.

4: Keep an Eye on Lane Changers


If you are not the one changing lanes, then you need to keep an eye on those who are.

Many drivers try to slip between cars, even if it is too dangerous to do so.

Watch all of your mirrors so that you can see anyone who may be approaching you quickly. Slow down to let them pass if necessary.


5: Watch Blind Spots

While some people may not zap in and out of traffic, others carelessly move into another lane without checking their blind spots.

In order to avoid getting struck by one of these drivers, stay out of the blind spots of the cars around you.

You can accelerate so that they can see you clearly, or you can slow down so that you are a safe distance behind the other car.

6: Avoid Eye Contact

Scientists have found that road rage is escalated when drivers look directly at one another.

Most people who suffer from road rage are looking for ways to anger others rather than getting angry about something that has just occurred.

Avoid making eye contact with these drivers and continue driving as you were.

7: Check Intersections

Intersections are where many accidents occur. Many drivers will simply start driving when the light turns green, but not everyone stops when the light turns red.

Check your left side for cars that are ignoring the red light, and then look to the right before you start driving through the intersection.


8: Know the rules of swerving


It is very important that you only swerve if you are unable to prevent an accident otherwise.

In order to swerve safely, you should make sure that the lane that you will be entering is empty and return to your lane immediately to prevent further problems.


9: Keep Your Distance from Bad Drivers

If you notice that someone is showing signs of being a bad driver, then you need to keep your distance.

You may want to change lanes and slow down to let the car pass so that you do not have a chance of it rear ending you. If you need to pass a bad driver, try to keep a good distance between you.


10: Do not tailgate


When you drive too closely to another vehicle, you increase your risk for an accident because you leave yourself very little room to avoid an accident.

Try to stay at least three to four seconds behind the person in front of you.

If you have a larger vehicle, you will need to allow more room so that you will have enough time to stop.

Tailgating is on just about every top 10 defensive driving tip, and for good reason.

The road traffic expert is DCC Nnamdi Ikeh-Akabogu, DCC Morning and Evaluation (M&E), Special Duties and External Relations (SEDER), FRCC HQ, Abuja.

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