A few days ago, my friend Faith, had an encounter with one of such weirdoes at Ikeja-Allen…right on the tricycle queue, where she wanted to board to Allen…

The next lines are hers:

“I was in the queue waiting for a bus when a man that looked like a born-again came and stood behind me. He was carrying a handbag and was talking on his phone. I noticed that something was poking my bumbum, I turned around and noticed it was his handbag that was doing it, this continued for some time, and I discovered the thing poking my bumbum was very now very hard which now made me very uncomfortable. I noticed a boy on the other line going to Opebi was looking at the two of us in a funny way, because if I tried to stand with my side facing him the man will shift and do the same so he is always standing behind me no matter the direction I was facing.

“We were like that for some time when my phone rang and I bent down to unzip my bag only for my eyes to behold the man’s penis almost bursting forth from his trouser.

“I immediately raised my head and met his eyes watching me, when he saw that the game was up he asked me if the bus was going to Allen, and when I said yes he said he was not going to Allen and left the queue.”

Plenty of madmen in three-piece suits I tell you. Do you guys reckon that he could have had sex with my friend in the queue?

Is it even possible?

I don’t understand such madness.

Punishing your penis by rubbing it repeatedly on a woman’s bumbum in a public place and you know you’ll never get sexual satisfaction…you’ll never come!

Your holy fluid will remain in those your suspicious-looking sacs, crying over the injustice of disturbing them, but not allowing them the luxurious freedom of pouring forth like irrigation water.

Pouring forth is the joy of every guy’s two linesmen and one referee.

Come to think of it…I remember a guy that came ohhh.

Yes! Right there in a public bus…

Do you want to hear the story?


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