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When walking, face the oncoming vehicle, and hold the child on your left such that you will be between the child and the vehicle.


Motorists are to stop for or give way to pedestrians crossing at a zebra crossing sign. Failure to obey attracts a penalty.


Children of School Age


When crossing the road, children should use overhead/footbridges where they are provided.


When walking on the road, children should always face traffic.


Children should always use the pavement where provided.


Children should not play on the roads!


While riding bicycles, children should use bicycle paths provided or ride towards the kerb facing traffic where a cycle path is not provided.

Children should wear reflective clothes during dusk.


The traffic expert is DCC Nnamdi Ikeh-Akabogu, DCC Morning and Evaluation (M&E), Special Duties and External Relations (SEDER), FRCC HQ, Abuja.

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