…impounds 18,537 motorcycles, crushes 18,120 motorcycles

The Chairman of the Lagos State Taskforce, Chief Superintendent of Police (CSP) Shola Jejeloye has reviewed the operational activities of the Agency as the year 2022 comes to an end, in a bid to identify areas where improvements can be made and identify new frontiers that would help facilitate the growth and development of the metropolis.

He made this known at the Headquarters of the Agency, Safety Arena, Bolade Oshodi, where he highlighted and analysed the statistics of operations to make room for improvements.

Jejeloye said: “In the year under review, we impounded 8,642 vehicles for various traffic offenses ranging from driving on one-way, obstructing the free flow of traffic, driving on the reserved BRT corridor and parking to pick or drop off passengers at unapproved bus stops in Lagos.”

Following the modus operandi of the Agency, they were all charged to court accordingly.

Jejeloye further disclosed that the year under review witnessed the ban on the operations of commercial motorcycles popularly known as okada in nine LGAs and six LCDAs within the State, leading to the confiscation and seizure of 18,537 motorcycles for operating despite the ban. After court proceedings, 17,980 motorcycles were crushed in Alausa to serve as a deterrent to other intending operators.

He said: “It was quite a herculean task enforcing the ban on the operations of motorcycles in Lagos but we were up to the task. We carried out sting operations on various Highways and other restricted routes to ensure that their activities were truncated. A total of 156 riders and 122 passengers were made to face the mobile court for patronizing the unwanted motorcycle operators.”

The Chairman also highlighted some of the lofty feats attained by the Agency in 2022, which are the raid of criminal hideouts, arrest of one-chance syndicates, demolition of shanties posing environmental hazards to Lagosians and bringing the activities of land grabbers in the State to zero.

He further disclosed that the Lagos State Taskforce made a series of arrests of unscrupulous individuals who specialise in vandalizing both public and privately owned properties and they were all made to face the full wrath of the law.

The chairman said: “These are part of the gains achieved as a result of the synergy between agencies of the State Government through providing security backup for them when they encounter hindrances in the process of carrying out their legitimate duties.”

Environmental infractions were not left out by the Chairman who hinted that there would be more raids and activities in areas like illegal mechanic villages and car parks where environmental pollution is predominant.

He assured Lagosians that the Agency will not rest on its oars until the goals of attaining a mega city status as enshrined in the agenda of the State Government are completely achieved.

He appealed to Lagosians to resist the urge to commit a crime and report anything suspicious to the Agency through the phone numbers provided or through the social media handles.

He also urged motorists to obey traffic laws and desist from engaging in acts that could jeopardise the free flow of traffic within the metropolis, stressing, “An orderly, serene and healthy environment gives birth to a progressive society.”






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