By Douglas Ogbankwa Esq

If you were a night crawler, you have to be extremely careful, as usually Night Crawlers are upcoming high-net people, the reason being almost everything that happens during the day is arranged at night.


The Night however is a dangerous period that only the wise survive. Most crimes at night happen between 7:pm and 8:PM and 3:am to 4:am . Here are 12 Safety Tips  to stay safe at night :


1. Do not disclose your location indiscriminately and if you were drinking always have your drink permanently covered with a glass cover and go with it when you leave your seat. Also do not give someone your drink to hold for you aside from Safety, it is not even unhealthy.


2. Do not disclose your location online, in real time. Only disclose your location online, when you have left that location. Sometimes you have to learn to do a decoy. If you felt unsafe, put off your phone in a place, where you know you will not be, being a place where they can track you, as a decoy.


3 . Always put off your location at all times. You do not need to open up your location, as it makes you vulnerable to assailants.


4 Do not follow the same route home all the time, as this makes you predictable,  vulnerable and an easy target.


5. Never use ATM machines in remote areas at night, as you could be attacked by assailants.


6. You could have a small backup small phone in your pocket,  like a Nokia Torch  Phone, which will be in your pocket,  in case the men of the underworld took your main phone, you could use it to contact family, friends, or even Police Control Room. Always memorise the phone contacts of your loved ones. Always have a charged power bank for emergencies.


7 . Have the Police Control Room number of your state  saved on your phone in a coded manner like CR-for Control Room. Learn how to use the Police Control Room number. Read about it online.


8 . Have the Phone Number of a Senior Police Officer in the Police  Divisional Headquarters, that Controls your neighbourhood preferably the DPO, as this will help with your Safety for you at night.


9. When driving home at night and you see a car driving behind you, except you are sure of the car, drive past your house or gate and get back when you are safe . When you are traveling and the night meets you before you proceed on a dangerous highway known for kidnapping and armed robbery, check into the nearest motel or hotel and continue the journey the next morning. Never take 50/50 risk, many have died that way.


10. When you are driving home at night, ensure that your gate is opened as you get to your gate, to avoid attacks from assailants and when you drive into your house,  let the gate be locked as swiftly as possible.


11. Avoid Driving flashy cars late at night, as it attracts would-be assailants and kidnappers. Also while traveling ensure you listen to the radio station of the State you are about to drive into, to have local information and knowledge of what is happening there, in case of any public disturbances or threats to human life . This action has saved many lives.


12. When driving at night and another car hits your car from behind, keep driving, as if you came out, you would have handed yourself over to kidnappers on a platter of gold . If there were Safety issues in town on your way home, no matter the pressure from your spouse, check into a hotel or your friend’s at a place nearest to where you are for your Safety. Better to be alive, and have a small quarrel with your spouse, than for you to be dead.


Be circumspect and stay safe.


About the Author:


Douglas Ogbankwa Esq @ , a Benin Based Lawyer, Writer and Policy Analyst , is the Convener of *the Security Situation Room*

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