Kidnapping in Nigeria

…scrapping of Edo Security Network

Juliana Francis

Members of the Security Situation Room, a group made up of human rights activists and lawyers, have urged the Edo State Police Command to launch an investigation into the attack on citizen Jerry by a local vigilante member and ensure they were brought to book.

The group also call for the halting of the activities of the Edo Security Network  (ESN), seeing their activities as constituting a threat to Edo State citizens.

The Security Situation Room, a premium online security tracking platform has urged the Edo State Police Command to bring to book some assailants masquerading as vigilante operatives who attacked an unarmed citizen Jerry over some alleged illegal payments.

A statement  issued on the evening  of 1st January 2023, in Benin City by the Convener  of the Security Situation Room, Douglas Ogbankwa Esq., states thus;

“The Security Situation Room  Calls for the immediate arrest and prosecution of some armed attackers masquerading as vigilante operatives-Biggie Obakpolor, Martins and others, who viciously attacked Citizen Jerry over some alleged illegal payments, around the trade fair area of Ekenwan Road, Benin City and it is important that they are arrested immediately to serve as a deterrence to others in view of their stance of impunity depicted by their statement that, ‘nothing dey happen,’ after attacking the helpless and hapless citizen and leaving him in a pool of his own blood.

“The Matter is made worse as the said Citizen Jerry is presently battling for his life in a hospital. We call for an immediate halt on the activities of the Edo Security Network  (ESN), as there are too many cases of unprovoked attacks on Edo Citizens by them. A Body that is created to protect the people, but that now attacks the same people has outlived its usefulness. They also engaged  in illegal  activities  like illegal roadblocks and stop and search, with which they extort innocent  citizens.”

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