By Juliana Francis

Hmm…that thing called sex is very important Oh!

There are many couples who are lucky enough to have their mothers or mothers-in-law care for their kids, while they go to work.

There are many who simply don’t have such luck!

These are the ones who eventually resort to employing house help.

Indeed, most men, especially Igbos, (If you’re an Igbo guy out there, please don’t take it personally) prefer their wives to be full-time housewives; no working or trading for her.

Such a caveman idea used to stun me. Except, of course, the wife didn’t have a degree. But again, there are women who have degrees but have no idea how to think, let alone do things for themselves. They are Bimbos! They can never survive in any working environment.

The advantages of a wife working or trading, even as her husband is working are many.

Most men however kick against allowing their wives to work because they are afraid her Oga, or her colleague in the office, may start sampling her wet core.

Nonsense of course! If a woman is determined to bang another guy, other than her husband, she will. Whether it’s in the office or not, is a moot point!

A determined woman is a resourceful one!

I remembered a woman that used to sell bean cakes in my area. Most times, she would disappear after bringing out all the apparatus to start the day’s business. She would tell one of her girls to mind the wares.

After a while, she would re-appear. It was later we heard that there was a guy that was banging the living daylight out of her.

She was no beauty. Guess there must be something about her that made the guy… (shrugs)

Whenever her husband is returning from the office at night, he would stop over at her makeshift shop. The poor sod never knew that one sharp man in the street was helping him grease his wife’s abuna!

Come to think of it, how many minutes does it even take to start and finish balling between two determined persons?

Some people will argue that quickie is the best form of sex. In a quickie, there’s no time for romance, foreplay…nay… too much trouble and time wastage…in a quickie, the penis will just swim home…plunging and plunging like a professional swimmer, until its strength is spent.

Then the owner zips his fly, while his female partner will adjust her wrapper, skirt, or trouser and strolls out of the house, looking like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth.

We must all remember that a woman’s honey well doesn’t have a meter…no way to tell if she had done it or not. You just have to take her word for it!

House help appears to be the solution for the career woman.

But she must be prayerful and careful about it, and I mean it! If some of these domestic staff don’t end up snatching your man right under your nose while you’re at work, slaving away…they may initiate your children into something terrible.

It’s not easy taking a decision to have or employ a house help because some of them are thieves and others have spiritual problems. It’s equally not easy for a career woman not to have a house help.

Tell me quickly gist you about a house help called Julie. Julie’s job was mainly to take care of her madam’s children since the woman used to travel out most times to buy gold, which she sells.

The madam’s husband stays overseas. One day, Julie stole jewelry, worth millions of naira from her madam’s cupboard and handed them over to her boyfriend.

The madam almost went crazy. Julie was later arrested.

There are some female house helps whose stock in trade is either to sleep with madam’s husband or outrightly seek to become oga’s second wife.

They are always there at home, always cooking and washing for Oga, flashing buttocks and cleavages, stealthy creeping under Oga’s skin.

When Madam is not around, they wear seductive and transparent blouses and a weak man will easily succumb to the temptation to taste what the clothes had been revealing and beckoning.

I am however one of those who strongly believe that a man, no matter what, can withstand and overcome any female form of temptation!

All he must do is try and also confide in his wife.

Let’s not forget that there are some houses helps-male and female-whose only agenda is to know the location of the money and valuables in the house and tell robbers.

To be continued:

The contributor is Adetola Aderonke

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