A member of Edo Civil Society Organisations (EDOCSO), Leftist Aimuae-Osa Igbinomwanhia, has written an open letter to Edo State Government.

He explained that Mrs. Shalome Ofeinu Nee Omoragbon left Benin City in the early hours of 14th December 2022 for Koko Market in Warri North Local Government Area of Delta State.

He said that on that dark 14th December at about 14:30 hours of the day, a stray bullet hit Shalome and four others at Ekpenede Street, off Plymouth/Oba Market Road, unfortunately, Shalome did not survive the gunshot.

Igbinomwanhia said: “According to the bush radio account, the whole thing started when one Nosa Adun, along with his siblings, friends and well-wishers were celebrating a successful delivery of Nosa’s Adun twins’ babies coupled with sporadic shootings. Shalome did not die on the spot, but she was ignored to die despite her pleading for help to cope with severe pains. She was ignored to die to cover- up the trace of evidence. Her corpse and the other four with various degrees of gunshots injuries that survived were taken to Time Hospital, off Agboma Street, off Ekenwan Road for treatment as she was confirmed dead on arrival, her corpse was later deposited at the morgue.

“I am appealing to the Executive Governor of Edo State His Excellency Godwin Noghehase Obaseki to open an investigation into the shooting that led to the death of Shalome and others with various degrees of gunshots injuries. The evil and oppressive nature of Ekpenede Mafias has held the residents, Oba Market traders and environs to ransom. I challenge Edo State Government with this, that the Ekpenede Mafias are running a parallel government in State Edo as of now.

“I am urging the Commissioner of Police Edo State and other sister agencies also to investigate, and unravel the shooting and killing of Shalome in cold blood without fear of favour. Although the matter is currently being investigated by a reputable department with officers with track records, the Homicide department of the State CID, currently a suspect is being held while the investigation is ongoing. I want to reiterate once again, Governor Godwin Noghehase Obaseki must do all within his power to unravel the killing of Shalome and those behind it. The criminal activities of the Ekpenede Mafias and other negative vices within and around the vicinity. The oppressive chains created by the Ekpenede Mafias must be broken without further delay. Edo Statehouse one of the most vibrant civil society movements in the country, Edo Civil Society Organisations (EDOCSO) ably led by Leftist Austin Enabulele is currently monitoring and following the situation to ensure no stone is left unturned. Our Ancestors conquer kingdoms, and we are warriors in nature, when did we become cowards? I am appealing to the general public’s conscience to come forth with more viable information. Today the 1st of January 2023, as others around the globe are celebrating, the family of Omoragbon is going through serious mourning and agony. Anyone with more useful information to reach out to this mobile number – +2348133733554, I assure you, every piece of information will be treated with utmost secrecy. The mindset of the oppressed is what gives leverage to the oppressors. Every life is important in Nigeria. Everyone is equal before the eyes of the law, Edo belongs to every one of us. Those living within that vicinity, live in absolute fear. They must be liberated from the grip of Ekpenede Mafias.”


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