Chinese national and murdered lover

As the trial of the Chinese national Mr. Geng Quangrong for the murder of his girlfriend, Ummi Khulsum, popularly known as Ummita, resumed in Kano today, the suspect said he spent N60 million on her, including buying her a car, a land, financing her business and meeting her regular financial needs.

He said her female friend gave his phone number to the deceased to contact him. He explained that he was in Delta State when the late Ummi called him.

According to the Chinese suspect, she expressed her love for him and agreed to marry him. He said she invited him to come to Kano to meet her family and he did. Their relationship blossomed since then, and he was spending heavily on her.

Mr. Guangrong told the court that she later abandoned him to marry someone else, despite promising to marry him and despite his heavy financial investments on her.

He however explained that, despite leaving him to marry another man, the deceased was still communicating with him and demanding money from him, and that he was always giving her.

He said his problem with her started after he gave her N10 million to buy a car, but she used the money to buy a land in Abuja. She started building on the land but ran out of cash.

She contacted her Chinese boyfriend for financial assistance to complete the project, but he told her that he didn’t have money.

The accused told the court that she stopped picking his calls after he told her he didn’t have the money to help her complete the building project that she started in Abuja.



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