I am a young married man. I have never cheated or even tried to cheat on my partner.

She’s also like me too in that aspect.

My problem sir comes to sex.

She doesn’t like sex too much but even once a day is too much for her unless she’s under the influence of maybe alcohol or in a random mood.

Now there’s a 50day fasting and prayer in RCCG coming up…

She told me she wants to be holy by not having sex all through and not cooking because she’ll be tired.

I am not against her fasting but I’m a man, abstinence is possible, but my nature can’t tolerate that long when it’s not like I’m sick or something…

I can’t get all from my wife I know, but sex is important in marriage.

We both live in London right now.  Please what can I do? I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Dear sir,

Let me get this right…it’s like I’m not reading your email well.

Do you mean to tell me that you’ll be in the same house with your wife, sleeping on the same bed, and for 50 days she’ll not allow you to penetrate her holy of holies because she wants to carry out the fasting and prayer assignment given to all members of the Redeem Christian Church of God?

Yeepa, nawaooo! I don die!

Just when I thought I’d seen and heard all kinds of nonsense, I read this.

And please, do tell me, who will be doing the cooking for those 50 days since she will be too tired to ball with you and to cook?

Bros, please tell us the truth; are you unemployed? Is she footing the bills in the home? Is she in charge?

I just cannot comprehend this kind of declaration from a wife you legally married.

So, depriving a husband of his conjugal rights for 50 whole days is now another strategy to keep oneself holy in order to enter the pearly gates of heaven.

Like really?

Like seriously?

We’re not talking about a miserable three-day or seven-day fasting, but a freaking 50 days, come on!

That’s sheer wickedness on the part of your saintly and holy wife!

I don’t know who you’re, but I don’t think what your wife’s planning is good for you or the marriage.

Since she’s a Christian wife and truly believes in the tenets of the Holy Bible, please do tell her to show evidence where it’s stated that a wife can deny and deprive her husband of sex because she is fasting and praying.

This is the kind of thing my younger sister, Glory Francis, used to describe as ‘see person finish.’

The wife has ‘seen you finish.’

Religion has become another instrument that is breaking homes and marriages. Many women prefer to listen to and respect their pastors, than to reason with their husbands.

Crazy world!

Are fasting and prayer going to take the methodology of Jesus Christ; He fasted for 40 days and nights, presumably without drinking water or taking food.

But your wife, at a certain point, maybe around 6:pm, will eventually break her fast. She’ll eat…she’ll be refreshed, and she’ll be energetic enough to play ball with you.

Can a working-class woman tell her office that she wouldn’t be able to go to work for 50 days because she was fasting and would be too tired?

She doesn’t like sex is one thing, but to deny her husband sex for 50 days is stretching the detestation of sex too far.

If she’s too tired to ride you, then you can jolly well ride her.

You seriously need to have a discussion on this issue with her and let her know how you strongly feel about it.

While she’s fighting to please the church, she’s giving and allowing a yawning gap for the Mr Devil to sneak into her matrimonial home.

How many minutes, hours, days, weeks, and months does it take to fancy another willing woman and ball her?

Women should stop taking good husbands for granted. Just because you’ve studied your husband and have realised that your man cannot cheat on you, you then start making shakara, treating him anyhow and anyway.

Not fair!

According to you, “She doesn’t like sex too much but even once a day is too much for her unless she’s under the influence of maybe alcohol or random mood.”

This is wrong! Having sex with your wife under an influence of alcohol is rape.

If you’ve been doing it, stop it!

Listen to me sisters, if your husband is shy of approaching another babe, let alone imagining suckling from her luscious nectar on her chest, doesn’t mean that a thousand women are not interested in sampling his one-eyed snake.

No woman is infallible! No man is infallible. We are all weak at certain points in our lives because we’re basically flesh and blood.

There’s no principle that is cast in iron. Principles can be broken.

So, while praying against temptations on our paths, we shouldn’t now open our matrimonial doors and asked Mr Devil, the author of temptation, to swagger into the sitting room and take a seat.

This is surely what your wife is doing, pushing a guy to the point of his endurance.

He may snap and do that which he doesn’t wish to. After all, the spirit is willing and desirous of being good, but tragically the flesh is weak.

If you do not place value on your husband and guard him like a hawk, believe me, sister, thousands of women are waiting impatiently to assist you to make good use of him, including your best friend.

Yeah! Take that to the banks!

Stop saying sex is overrated in marriage. Sex is actually part of the condiments that makes for a good marriage. It is the cement that keeps the pillar from easily carving in. Sex binds the couple, spirit, soul, and body.

Rather than looking for ways to run away from it, husband and wife should look for ways to make sex enjoyable for both partners.

Some women shy away from talking about sex and their preferences with their husbands. If you can’t discuss it with him, who do you then want to discuss it with?

Find out why your wife detests sex and what she likes about it.

Is she a rape survivor? Did you marry her a virgin?

Is your candy bar too big for her? Is the candy giving pain instead of pleasure?

You left some background information out, so I’m working with what you gave.

There should be ways to improve on the good things she likes about it.

Perhaps you need to stay paying attention to her sexual desires and less on your growing and incoming orgasm. Sex should be enjoyed and not seen as an ordeal.

If she’s a one-round lady, then work with her on it. A round of sex every day is better than deprivation for 50 days!

Pay attention to her nipples.  Don’t suckle them like you want to bite them off. Suckle them and ask if she’s enjoying it.

Every move you make, ask how she feels about it. Learn to suckle and at the same time play with her clitoris.

The clitoris is not just sensitive to strumming but also gets easily bruised.

Many men are monkeys when comes to the clitoris. Play with it gently like you’re strumming a guitar…with love, concentration, and determination to please.

No matter how many times your one-eyed snake jerk and jump, seeking satisfaction and orgasm, don’t abandon the pleasure and satisfaction of your wife.

Another important point to take home; ensure she’s fully wet before you plunge your snake into her.

You’ll know she’s ready when she starts making all those moaning sounds…sounds that can drive a guy around the bend.

I would love to tell you two or three life stories of partners that took their spouses for granted with respect to sex and what eventually happened…

But I will stop here. If I receive enough responses from readers that they want part two, I’ll continue.

I don’t like boring readers.

Until then…I draw the curtain here.








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2 thoughts on “RCCG: My wife says no sex during 50-day fasting

  1. Was there anywhere Adeboye advised them against their conjugal right to their partners. I will advised the man to go out there and satisfy himself let’s see if the wife no go call their village people to report him

  2. Ah where is part 2 oo??

    We need to know the full gist. How can she deny her husband not even boyfriend sex because of fasting??

    Where in the bible is it written that thou shall deny thy spouse sex because of fasting? Some women just overdo things sha

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