…our leader loves to kill

…we killed our gang member’s brother because of N2m

The video of a suspected kidnapper has surfaced on the internet. He is believed to be part of the group of ‘unknown gunmen,’ that had laid a strangulating hold on the southeastern parts of Nigeria, kidnapping, raping, and killing.

He was arrested while police were hunting and trying to rescue the kidnapped Methodist Prelate, Samuel Kanu -Uche. It will be recalled the Kanu-Uche and two other priests were freed after the N100 million ransom was paid.

JULIANA FRANCIS captures the chilling confessions of the suspect in this interview between the Police and the suspect.

Suspect: We kidnapped a man with a highlander vehicle along Arondizugun. We took him to a place at Umu-Ohunmu. A ransom of N2.5 million was later paid for his release.

We also kidnap another person along a road. Also, we kidnapped a guy returning from South Africa.

He was later killed by our leader, Ability because he refused to pay the ransom, we demanded from him.

We later took his corpse to Kwashi Road and abandon it there. We also kidnapped another man, driving a corolla car along Owerri Road.

He paid us N3 million as his release ransom.

Another is the kidnapping of a woman from Umu-nze. She paid N2m as her release ransom.

We kept her in a village called Umu Ohun village. The house belongs to one of our gang members by the name Chibuike Abuloha. He is from Ibelohia Compound in the same village.

There was also the kidnapping of a Brazilian man. We picked him up along Ndiche Road. We had a victim with us when we picked up the Brazilian man.

The man with us was driving a Tundra Jeep, while the Brazilian man was driving a Lexus Jeep. We picked he man at a Junction with his Lexus Jeep, black in colour.

We double-crossed the Brazilian man on the road. It was Ability, our leader that crossed the Brazilian man.  The vehicle we used was a Golf car and our driver was Dan.

We were four in number on that very day. Myself, Dan, Ugo, Ability and Ugonna.

We later shot the man because when we dropped him along the road and asked him to go, he started screaming for help, then Ability shot him.

The man was asking if we knew who he is, which provoked Ability into shooting him in the chest and he died immediately.

We later left him and his car there and left through the Umuduru road and the link road to Okigwe.

The total number of people we have killed is about three or four since I joined the group.

The Brazilian man, the south African guy, then one lady. The south African guy is the same person that has a family at the USA.

Personally, I have never killed before. It is  Ability used to kill.  And we usually quarrel with him over how he loves killing people.

He will always shout or shun us, saying that he would have no mercy on any victim or anyone and that any day police catch him, they would not have mercy on him.

Before they made me the 2ic, of the gang, it was Otoo that was the 2ic. Ability made me his 2ic because I am the only person that used to come around often. So, he prefers going for an operation with me that was why he made me his 2ic.

There was a particular operation we did and a ransom of N2 million was paid. One of the gang members by the name Emperor disappeared with the money.

I and Ability later went to their house and killed his younger brother. Ability shot the boy in the stomach. Ability was angry because he called Emperor several times to return the money and even threaten him on phone but Emperor remained adamant, which got Ability angry which was why we went to Emperor’s house.

That N2m was a ransom paid by a woman whose son is based overseas. We contacted the woman’s son who pleaded with us not to touch the woman and that he would send the ransom which he did.

We were five in number in that kidnap operation. We went with only one AK47 rifle. We kept the victim at the same house at Umugomu.


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