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A 60-year-old has been accused of defiling a 10-year-old girl in Benin, Edo State.

A human rights activist, Leftish Dickson John Esq, who is following the case, said that he received the shocking incident today 15th of January 2023, evening.

John narrated: “This evening I got a call from leftist Silver Gideon of Ugbor study Center informing me of how an elderly man defiled a minor in his community. Myself, leftist Dickson John Esq , and leftist Silver Gideon in the company of Mr Moses and Mr Osayi had to visit the victim’s house. On our arrival at Ugiokhuen Community, we met the victim and her mother outside so we introduced ourselves to her and asked the victim to narrate what actually happened to her.”

While narrating the incident to the activists, the victim said that the perpetrator, popularly known as ‘ I get Power’ has been sexually assaulted on five different occasions.

She reportedly said: “Yesterday, the man me and dragged into the bush path and commanded me to take off my dress, which I did. He then raped me right there at the bush path until a passer-by caught him in the act and he hurriedly dressed and ran away.”

“The victim’s mother who was very sober about the incident added that she went to Ugbor Police Station to formally report the issue and the police collected money from her, did not even visit the scene of the crime, but gave her a medical form to take her defiled daughter to police cottage hospital for test. On getting there after paying another money again they were asked to come back for the test on Monday. We will follow up on this matter until that little girl gets justice. We will never rest until the last man is truly and totally free,” John vowed.

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