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IGP Baba

Juliana Francis

The Inspector-General of Police (IGP), Alkali Usman Baba, has been warned by angry Nigerians on the Gistloverblog platform, not to compromise the investigation of dreadful activities of the alleged Police Killer Squad operating in Anambra State, because of his closeness to the Superintendent of Police, Princess Nwode Nkeiruka.

In an open letter addressed to Baba, the number one policeman in Nigeria was told that his closeness to Princess had been discovered and that he should not attempt to compromise or truncate the investigation.

This was even as he was urged to ensure that a neutral panel takes over the case and to ensure that the panel was brought to Anambra State so that victims’ families could be able to testify without necessarily needing to travel to Abuja, which would lead to them expending unavailable money on flight or road journey.

The members of the alleged Police Killer Squad, Patrick Chukwuemeka Agbaze, a Chief Superintendent of Police, Princess Nwode, a Superintendent of Police, Arthur Eze, and Inspector Harrison Akama, were accused of killing suspects and detainees in their custody and then take over their property.

The letter reads thus:

“Dear Alkali Baba Usman,

I appreciate you for looking into this Anambra killing and organ trafficking issue swiftly. Thank you for that but the information reaching us says that you know SP Princess on personal grounds.

You were frequenting Anambra State when you were the force Secretary before you became the IGP and thereby got to know Princess and that is why she has been bragging and not shaken.

Sir, I am telling you this for free that this case has gone beyond what can be swept under the carpet.

The world is aware of these killer cops, and we are monitoring this case like our lives depend on it. Please do not pull any strings on Princess’s behalf.

Allow justice to take its full course, there and then we will appreciate and know you stand for justice and as for the panel being set up in Abuja, we think its a wrong and deliberate attempt to make most of the victims’ family to easily access and give witness considering the insecurity going on in Nigeria.

If one travels by bus, a lot of the victims are less privileged, they cannot afford to pay flight to Abuja.

The Panel should be set up in Anambra and headed by a neutral person, Awkuzu SARS also needs to be monitored closely while the investigation is ongoing…”


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