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Another heartbreaking incident claimed by Nigerians on the Gistloverblog platform is the arrest of two siblings, Kosisichukwu Asadu and Daberechi Asadu.

The alleged Police Killer Squad was said to have arrested the siblings and one, Kosisochukwu, was killed.

The accuser, believed to be a female, claimed to be related to the two siblings.

She alleged: “They are both siblings although Kosisochukwu has since been killed which is the elder brother to Daberechi.

“The family has paid a lot to Patrick and his gang, yet they refused to release them. I was surprised this morning when I saw their pictures on Gistloverblog and Kosi is dead.

“Their father is my uncle, they are from Nsuka in Enugu State. Their father is in Anambra. These people keep collecting money from their father even though I have also sent money to him to give to these people and yet Kosi and Dabere were not released.

“The two of them were accused of being among the gunmen terrorising Anambra. They are their parents’ first and second children. I and my mother had been crying seeing our relatives in this video today.

“They were picked up during a random raid. The boy is gone but the girl is still alive because they took turns in raping her the brother tried to protect the younger sister, but he was killed along the line.

“Their father is not aware that the boy is dead because the last time I spoke with him, he told me that he is still following the case not knowing that they are busy eating his money.

“He just sold his only land left even blocks he wanted to use and build a house over this case. They were forced to write statements that they are members of the unknown gunmen. The girl has a red motorbike which Patrick took from her. Kosi was tortured to death because he cannot bear seeing them tying his younger sister and raping her constantly until he was finally killed.”


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