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A Popular skit maker in Nigeria, Chukwuebuka Emmanuel, otherwise known as Brain Jotter, has joined other Nigerians on the Gistloverblog platform to narrate how his cousin, Precious Chidalu Ihedimbu, was allegedly killed by the supposed police killer squad in Anambra State.

He explained that the late cousin, Precious Chidalu Ihedimbu, was abducted on May 14th, 2022.

Precious was able to reach out to Brain Jotter, demanding N2 million because that was what the police allegedly demanded from her.

She was said to have been in custody for a month before she was allowed to contact Brain Jotter, and the police collected her phone.

It was further claimed that the police threatened to kill her if she did not raise N2m.

Immediately police discovered Precious was related to comedian Brain Jotter, they deployed another means to make more money.

They started chatting with Brain Jotter, pretending to be Precious. In their chat, they told Brain Jotter that Precious had been kidnapped.

They requested money as ransom, but before the incident, Precious owed Brain Jotter N500,000, which Brain Jotter gave her as a loan to boost her business.

When she was chatting and saying she was kidnapped, Brain Jotter thought it was a joke and reminded her of the previous debt of N500,000.

At some point, Brain Jotter was trying to video call her, but Patrick and his group kept declining the video calls. He then insisted that Precious should share her live location which they never did, seeing that Brain Jotter was aware that the cousin was in danger and might start making moves they switched off the phone and destroyed the sim later that night.

“Patrick instructed Harrison to strangle Precious and not use a gun on her to avoid the suspicion that was how she was murdered silently that night and her body secretly taken out and deposited at Nteje Morgue and as we speak her two phones are still at Awkuzu SARS office. I am calling on the police headquarters to go search for it, the two phones are still there.

“Precious’s boyfriend was actually the target and his men on the allegation that her man is an ESN/ IPOB member, so they wanted to set a trap for the boyfriend whose name is iron.

“Patrick and his evil cohorts got Precious’s number and started chatting with her, she was lured from Imo State to Anambra in a bid to arrest Iron.

Patrick got someone that was chatting with Precious that he was interested in and wanted to date Precious. They started talking, it grew to the level of throwing advances at her, from there, money for food and then finally agreeing to meet.

She was sent money for transport as well and she agreed to meet the anonymous on the 13th of May 2022. On the said day, she set out and Patrick’s agent was monitoring her movement.

She called her host when she got to the park, who was with her on the phone all through. When she arrived at the agreed place they planned to meet, Patrick sent another person to pick her up and lodged her in a hotel close to Patrick’s house in Ngozika Estate.

“The hotel’s name is SPA LAVENDER inside Ngozika Estate. Patrick also lodged in the same hotel that night as he was having an affair with one of the hotel receptionists who goes by the name Miracle Orji.

“The next morning Harrison Akama and another team came to pick up Precious quietly from the hotel to SARS Awkuzu. I am daring the hotel to release CCTV footage of 13th May 2022 and 14th May 2022.

“When she got to Awkuzu SARS they interrogated her about what she knows about that her boyfriend, she told them that her boyfriend Iron was not an ESN/IPOB member and they should allow her to go, but

they refused.

“They took her two phones one iPhone 6 and one Nokia torch light. It was while going through her phone they discovered that she has N1.2m in her account and gave the phone to Harrison and he searched through the phone, it was him that who discovered that Precious was related to Brain Jotter,” alleged Gistloverblog.

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