IGP Baba

IGP Baba

…by alleged police killer squad in Anambra State

Juliana Francis

Nigerians, especially those in the diaspora, who took to the Gistloverblog platform to join in expressing anger over allegations made against some senior police officers in Anambra State, operating a killer squad, have become dumbed with shock following the release of the squad members less than 24 hours after they were arrested on the orders of the Inspector General of Police, Alkali Baba Usman.

While these Nigerians were still seething, with many alleging that highly influential Nigerians must be involved in the extrajudicial killings of these victims, to warrant the case being handled with levity, a human rights activist, has taken a decisive step concerning the case.

The human rights activist, Harrison Gwamnishu on Sunday 19th February, visited the family of a yahoo boy, identified as Obiefuna Onyedikachi Samuel.

Harrison, who did a short video of the visit with the deceased’s family, said that the family appeared not to be aware that their son has been killed and deposited at the Nteje Morgue.

According to the family, they heard last from Onyedika in July 2022.

Activist Harrison has promised to visit each victim’s family, with the hope of recovering the corpses of the victims so that their families can bury them and have closure.

The family while speaking with Harrison, pleaded with him to help them make it possible for them to just catch a glimpse of their son, Onyedika.

They added that if it was not possible to see their son, they would very much like to hear his voice. A few minutes’ phone call would suffice, they said.

A video of Onyedika singing like a bird in a video, claiming to be one of the “unknown gunmen,” in Anambra State, recently went viral.

According to Gistloverblog, the suspect was supposed to have been charged to court, not killed while in police custody.

Onyedika’s father said: “All we are asking is for peace and for us to see our son or to hear from him. We are asking and pleading with the Anambra State Government and Nigeria Police to please allow us to see our son.”

Activist Harrison told the parents that he was once a victim of such a situation where he was jailed for four years after being accused of conspiracy, in 2011, 2012, and 2014.

Harrison said: “I was innocent of all the accusations. That is why whenever I come across stuff like this, it takes me back to my experience and that is why I always stand for people in such situations.

“The most important thing is for us to know the exact situation with Onyedika. Where exactly is Onyedika?”

How Onyedika was arrested, disappeared

According to Gistloverblog, Onyedika, an alleged yahoo boy, was the owner of the Spider Benz, which CSP, Patrick, alleged to be the leader of the Police Killer Squad is driving now.

It gathered that Onyedika’s mom reached out to Gistloverlover after identifying her son in one of the viral videos trending on the blogger’s page.

According to reports, Onyedika was a yahoo boy who was arrested by the vigilante people for driving late at night.

“He was later transferred to CSP Patrick’s unit at Awukuzu. Patrick took advantage of him seeing he is a yahoo boy.

He first transferred all the money in Onyedika’s account, and the guy challenged him that was how they took the guy to a separate cell and started torturing him.

“They made a video asking him to admit that he was a gunman. He accepted being a gunman under duress. Patrick is currently driving the guy’s vehicle after killing him.

He took the guy’s white Camry, red corolla, and ash highlander Peep 2015. After taking all his belongings, they now released his video to bloggers that they caught an unknown gunman.

“Not to forget that it was the vigilante people that hold him for late-night driving and his suspicious loud lifestyle. The boy was arrested in one of his cars while officer Harrison and some other team went to bring the remaining two vehicles.

“After all the allegations and confession that he was an unknown gunman, what was recovered from him was just his car and money. You then ask, was a gun, knife, or even dagger found or recovered from him?

“So why is Patrick driving his cars? Why was all his account cleared? Why were the guy’s two cars returned to the station immediately Gistloverblog posted the guy’s picture?”

Seething Nigerians, reacting to the allegations against the squad, expressed their opinions.

One of them, Equitabledayo said: “Oba what can be done is to contribute money for victims’ families and witnesses, who are willing and ready to go to Abuja and give evidence for us to contribute and sponsored their trip by GLB nation.

“We can contribute to you perhaps to your account. Also, we need a lawyer who can perhaps go with them to secure their interest and protect their rights.

“If you have a lawyer that can do that, it’s fine but if you don’t, I can make my firm available for such. That way it will help protect their interest and give them enough confidence.

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